Employment Laws Every HR Manager must be aware of

When you are pursuing a career in the management field, then you must know about employment laws. This article explains about essential employment laws one by one that must be followed in the company.

Federal government deals with employment laws which must be followed by every manager of an organisation. Though it is necessary for managers to follow these laws, yet they struggled what actually these laws mean. This article gives about brief details of employment laws that are essential to learning. Moreover, you can also hire Employment Law Assignment Helpwithout any hassle.

Employment laws


Job Discrimination

According to Title VII of the civil rights Act of 1964, you can’t discriminate your employees. This law prohibits employers from discriminating in religion, firing, hiring, race, national origin and sex. Sexual Harassment is also totally prohibited according to this law.

Action: This law states that everyone should be treated equally regardless of religion, race, gender, etc. As all these characteristics are not related to the performance of a job. If you are facing any kind of discrimination due to the above-mentioned characteristics, then you can report it to senior officials and managers.

Minimum Wage/Overtime

According to the Fair Labour Standards Act (FLSA), there is a set minimum wage. However, some states are their which offers higher minimum wages to those who have done the job for more than forty hours in a working week. Some duties and jobs are there which are restricted to be performed by teenagers and children.

Action: Always pay your employees minimum wages and also pay overtime if they are working more than 40 hours in a working week. You can contact managers if you are not getting enough amount of money as per your workload.

Family Leave

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) give privilege to employees who have already work for one entire year. They can take leave for twelve weeks. You can take leave if you are suffering from serious health issues, or if you are going to adopt children, then you can apply for leaves. However, this rule applies to only those companies where more than fifty employers working. Wanted to know more about family leave? Hire Employment Law Assignment Helpat reasonable prices.


Action: When an employee of your organisation requesting for a leave, give them. Don't bring a situation where he has to mention FMLA term in front of managers for getting leave. Managers and HR should understand the situations of employees.

Age Discrimination

The clause of age discrimination in the employment act says that you can’t discriminate any employee who is above than forty years of age. Due to his/her age, you can’t neglect him from his job opposition.

Action: Never ever take an age for discriminating your employee. A good manager must not make any crucial decision like hiring, firing, pay, benefits according to the age of employees. In fact, he should keep in his mind about the capabilities of employees rather than making any baseless issues because of age.

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