Old Scratch has a nasty trick on its sleeves

At night, he became a burning skeleton, a ghost rider, and was forced by Satan to gather souls for hell on his deadly helicopter.

43-year-old Nicolas Cage should be a little ripe to play the Marvel Comics stable superhero, but here's what looks like a wig and a digitally reinforced abdominal muscle ghost rider review . Its complete deadpan stupidity makes this a great piece of bubblegum, but probably suitable for DVDs.

During the day, he is Johnny Blaze, a stunt rider with a soft spot on Karen Carpenter's record. Each of his dying exploits is ridiculously dangerous than the last one and culminates in trying to jump the length of the football field with more than six dozen Chinook helicopters.

At night, he became a burning skeleton, a ghost rider, and was forced by Satan to gather souls for hell on his deadly helicopter. It's all part of a terrible deal he made with the Dark Prince to cure his father's cancer, when he wasn't in a sports stadium flying in the air, or when he wasn't grabbing a sinner in his throat, Johnny. Contemplates the copy Goethe's Faust, and plans to use his dark powers against the evil ones.

I'm not familiar with the incarnation of the rider's cartoon, but what's on the screen written and directed by Mark Steven Johnson of Daredevil is a variation of Faust's story (how many on the screen in this movie). Has been approved). Johnny Blaze is a young stunt biker approached by Mephistopheles (Peter Fonda, who isn't very interested in his role) shortly after learning that his father had died of cancer. The devil, looking to recruit someone as the latest in Ghost Rider's Henchman series, speaks gently, and soon Johnny signs a "pactum covenantum" that trades his soul for his dad's life.

Of course, Old Scratch has a nasty trick on its sleeves, so Johnny ... well, it's hard to say, because the character feels like it was written and played by Nicolas Cage as an adult. Off-quilter collection, an attitude that lacks concentration and concentration that can draw the audience into the journey. Sometimes it's a fatalistic attitude of a cursed man, sometimes it's a goofball stunting a bike to get back his girlfriend Roxanne (Eva Mendes), and sometimes it's an "unconventional" eating jelly beans. Sometimes I do my best like Elvis with the habit of "na". .. Enjoy martini glass and listen to Carpenters music while watching monkey videos. These quirks that characterize a character also extend to supporting roles. Roxanne can be seen referring to Magic8Ball at some point, but Johnson doesn't even tell me to insert her answer.

The weakness of the movie is the villain, so it's good that the main character is very strong. Peter Fonda's soft, furry demons land the pass, but Wes Bentley, Blackheart's main enemy, isn't so lucky. Sure, he has some of the most direct dialogues in the movie, but unlike Cage and Mendes, he doesn't have the knack for delivery and instead overreacts quite horribly. Is selected. On the other hand, his Elemental Demon Minion / Armani model is so ineffective that the confrontation with Horseman is anti-climax. The movie's best action sequence, the desperate chase as a ghost rider crosses a bridge, underwater, through dark alleys, up the side of a skyscraper and leading the police in a hilarious dance, with others. Similarly, it shows that there are virtually no villains. The best scene.

A little impersonal at first for a movie made by a longtime fan, Johnson is rude to make a comic book lively and loud in a world where lovers meet with a big oak tree. It will soon be clear that we have embarked, and people say things like "where the road takes me" with a straight face. The final product may not be what everyone likes, but it's not that it hasn't achieved what it was looking for.


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