Methods for Leveling Up Effortlessly in the New World – A Guide for the Uninitiated

Cheap new world gold  like the majority of other MMOs, provides a variety of methods for leveling up

Cheap new world gold  like the majority of other MMOs, provides a variety of methods for leveling up. Leveling up a variety of skills, such as gathering and crafting skills, can be extremely beneficial in game.

This Leveling Guide, on the other hand, is solely concerned with getting you through the first few chapters of the game and beyond. Leveling up as a crafter will begin in a similar manner, but will differ depending on what you intend to do. A more in-depth discussion of this can be found in our Guide to Crafting in New World.

A separate guide on how to level up your character's stats in new world gold is available, which is a different type of progression from leveling up in the old world but is still related to it.



The "Story-Rush Method" and how it works

If you want to level up as quickly as possible, skipping the tutorial by selecting Continue to New World from the Game Menu (Esc) is recommended. In the case of Shield and Sword, it does provide a quick and easy Mastery Point for the weapon, allowing you to obtain Whirling Blade for early leveling, otherwise you will have to wait until you take down a few Drowned to obtain it.

We have three distinct objectives that we want to achieve using this Method. Concentrate on our Story Quests, collect materials for Tools, and improve your skills in preparation for later skill requirements.

In between completing these early quests, keep an eye out for Herbs, Petalcaps, and Hemp, which will help you progress through the Harvesting Levels quickly, as well as Small Boulders and Iron nodes, which will help you progress through the Mining Levels quickly. The harvesting of these will usually be fairly quick, as we need to reach a threshold of 10 Mining and 30 Harvesting in order to complete the quest later on. The Iron will also allow you to craft Iron Tools, which will significantly increase the speed with which you can mine, log, and harvest resources.

Levels 1 – 10 are fairly straightforward; you'll primarily be following the main quest while also gathering resources and increasing your skill levels in preparation for later quests. There are numerous tips to help you get around more quickly and efficiently.

I'm going to start with one of the quickest and most straightforward tips that will be of assistance throughout the entire leveling process. By sheathing your weapon, unsheathing your weapon, or swapping weapons, you can prevent the recovery animation at the end of a roll from starting while you are still in Light Armor Class.

Using this technique, you can travel quickly by rolling and immediately using any of the three cancel options listed for a brief burst of movement speed. After that, it's best to wait until your Stamina has recovered completely, or nearly completely, before rolling again. It is best to avoid depleting your Stamina because it will slow down your movement speed for a few seconds while it is fully recovered.

To go along with this, you'll want to collect 4 Flint and 4 Green Wood in order to craft your first set of tools at the same time you're preparing to start a Skinning time for an Early Quest.

Whenever you arrive in your first town, take advantage of every side quest you can find, as a few of these will be required to progress, as well as to unlock a few items that will help you progress more quickly later on, such as Camps.

It's likely that you'll be close to level 11 by the time you return to town, assuming you're not completely ignoring everything you come across for resources.

What to do to advance through Levels 11-25
During these levels, our goal is to reach our thresholds while tearing through the story. Harvesting will require us to reach 30+ by Level 15-17 (for the Living Seed Main Quest), and mining will require us to reach 10+ by Level 17-20 (for the Argent and Aether Main Quest). These are by no means difficult, but there are a few other specific requirements that we need to meet before we can progress to these levels, and they aren't difficult to track down.

To begin with, the Petalcaps are a type of flower that can be found all over the forests in most starting regions; however, if you are unable to locate any, they can be found all over the Windsward region. a total of six will be required. For one step of the Living Seed Quest chain, three will be kept in your Inventory, and the other three will be used to make Minor Corruption Tinctures for the subsequent part of the quest chain, totaling six in total.

Then Rivercress is the reason for the 30 Harvesting requirement. We'll need a total of six of these. Three for the Tinctures, three for the quest inventory requirements, and three for the quest inventory requirements.

It is because of Silver Ore that we require Mining to be at level 10 or higher. For the Argent and Aether Quest, we'll need 20 Silver Ore to make 5 Silver Ingot, which will be used in the Argent and Aether Quest. In addition, you should consider crafting an Iron Pickaxe and mining extras to sell, as they will be in high demand early on as a result of this quest, particularly on crowded servers.

Clearing Amrine will reward you with a plethora of equipment and assist you in moving on to the next stage. Should the Named gear become available, it will be able to easily outperform some of the Faction Gear available from the Faction Store.

Levels 25-60: Helpful Hints
Despite the fact that this appears to be a large number of levels to discuss at once, the way you level from here on out will be very similar to the alternative method, as there will be many gaps in XP that you'll need to fill as the story progresses. We'll go over them briefly here, but the alternative method described below will go over them in greater depth. Fill in the gaps with whichever of your preferred options as you come across them.

Sidequests are another excellent source of experience points, particularly if you've been collecting them while completing other quests. Some of these will also reward you with extremely valuable Rings, Amulets, and Earrings, making them well worth your time to at the very least fill those empty slots.

Town Board Jobs are also excellent opportunities; however, it is best to look for ones that are both broader in scope and easier to complete. These will be noted in the alternative method, which will highlight the good ones while assisting you in avoiding the ones that are more of a trap for you.

Faction Missions, both PvE and PvP, can be extremely beneficial if a large number of them are stacked in the same area, which happens quite frequently. Following a certain level, there is also a set of three PvE quests that can send you back to Amrine Excavation, where you will gain a significant amount of bonus experience points as well as Faction Tokens and Faction Rep. 


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