Everyone's favourite blinds, it's excellent, you know

The bathroom is too damp to use fabric curtains, and blinds are very suitable. It not only ensures ventilation, lighting and beauty, but also blocks privacy.

Everyone's favourite blinds, it's excellent, you know


Although the styles of home improvement are different, and everyone's aesthetics are also different, there is a kind of curtain that can be "loved by everyone", that is, the blinds.

Blinds are also called "light and shadow magicians". With their unique shape and unique light and shadow effects, no curtains can replace them. They are an excellent tool to create a sense of atmosphere in the home. It will take up too much space on the wall. As for those who say that it is easy to accumulate dust and difficult to take care of, for those who really like it, it is all clouds~~


aluminium blinds manufacturer: good-looking blinds, the design effect will be better in these places.


1. Guest restaurant


Installing shutters in the guest dining room can make the space look clean and fresh without affecting the lighting. Especially in the living room of a small apartment, the use of blinds can also expand the perception of space.


2. Study/Workspace


It can be said that it is more suitable to install blinds in the study, which can adjust the light angle flexibly, unlike curtains that are either too bright or too dark.


3. The bathroom is too damp to use fabric curtains, and blinds are very suitable. It not only ensures ventilation, lighting and beauty but also blocks privacy. Pay attention to choosing waterproof and anti-corrosion materials!


4. Bedroom


aluminum blinds manufacturer


The sun shines through the blinds in the bedroom, the light and shadow constantly change with time, and the indoor atmosphere becomes lazy, soft and beautiful.


Blinds purchase


1. According to the material selection


① solid wood


Outstanding appearance, excellent quality, quiet atmosphere, the full score of literary and artistic temperament, very suitable for Chinese-style and Japanese-style homes. But because it is wood, it is relatively weak and can only be used in ventilated and dry places, such as study rooms and bedrooms. In addition, its price is not low.


②Aluminum alloy


The most functional, waterproof, moisture-proof and anti-corrosion, with long service life, good heat insulation effect and shading, can be used in every space, but the same price is not low.


③ Zinc steel


The heat insulation effect is also good, the installation is convenient, the price is not as expensive as aluminium alloy, but the anti-corrosion and anti-rust ability is better than that of aluminum alloy, and the cost performance is high. If you want to buy metal materials, you can choose it.




The price is the most affordable, waterproof and moisture-proof, and you can choose it if you have a small budget, but it is not heat-resistant, and it may age and fade over time.


2. Select according to the opening and closing method-aluminium blinds manufacturer


①horizontal blinds


The most common type can adjust the light in the room by adjusting the density of the blades, and adjust the lift and position of the blinds by pulling the rope. It is usually installed on the indoor window frame, and it is very convenient to install or remove.


aluminum blinds manufacturer


②Folding shutters


The curtain can be controlled at any height just by pulling the drawstring, and the adjustment ability is very strong.

cleaning method


Blinds are notoriously prone to dust accumulation, so if you're a fan of blinds, here are some cleaning tips to know.


① Wipe layer by layer with a rag + detergent, but this is a bit troublesome, so you can use a special cleaning brush for blinds to brush several layers at a time, which is more convenient.


②Remove all of them regularly and soak them for cleaning, and they are clean, but they are only suitable for PVC and metal materials. ③I usually use a feather duster to sweep it when I have nothing to do.


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