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A mouthful of blood spurted out from the mouth of Lingqing Bamboo Sandalwood. Her sword, which pierced the flesh of

A mouthful of blood spurted out from the mouth of Lingqing Bamboo Sandalwood. Her sword, which pierced the flesh of Lu Feng's chest, could no longer move forward. Then a touch of sadness passed through her beautiful eyes, and her figure flew out of the eyes of the nine-day Taiqing Palace in the rear. The blooming blood was sad and sad. Elder Martial Sister Qingzhu! Su Rou and many other disciples of the Nine Days Taiqing Palace, who were retreating, immediately hissed and shouted, and then as if they were crazy, they no longer retreated, but desperately rushed in the direction of Ling Qingzhu. Hum Lu Feng glanced at the severed fingers, and then looked at the sword mark on his chest that was about to pierce his heart. A touch of hostility passed through his eyes. With a grasp of his palm, the evil spirit rolled in and turned into a huge magic knife. With a wave of his sleeve robe, the magic knife pierced the space and swept away as fast as lightning at the injured Ling Qingzhu. Ling Qingzhu looked at the sweeping magic knife, shellfish teeth tightly biting the red lips, the eyes passed a touch of powerless and sad color, the battle, after all, was defeated. Are they going to disappear under the butcher's knife of yuanmen in the nine-day Taiqing Palace. "Elder Martial Sister!" Su Rou looked helplessly at the beautiful image that looked weak under the magic knife and was about to wither. Tears suddenly rolled out of her eyes. Then, she hissed and shouted. In that voice, there was no longer the crispness of the past, which was filled with incomparable despair and misery. Whew! When the hoarse cry resounded through the sky, a rapid and incomparable sound of the wind suddenly resounded sharply between heaven and earth, and the stunned eyes looked up, only to see that in the distance, the space was distorted, and a figure came like a twinkling storm. Boom! Magic knife is also at this time, crashing down, suddenly the earth cracked,Manual Flush Valve, a huge crack, like a spider web spread. Countless frightened eyes, looking at the place where the dust spread, many disciples of the nine-day Taiqing Palace, as if they had lost their last disappointment, their eyes dimmed in an instant. Elder Martial Sister. Su Rou slowly knelt down, staring at the distant area, but in her eyes trance, but is to see, where the dust began to disperse,Self-closing Faucet, the broken earth, there is a piece of intact ground, and on that ground, Ling Qingzhu is safe and sound! "That's.." Suddenly there was a cry of surprise, Su Rou hurriedly looked up, only to see not far in front of Ling Qingzhu, I do not know when, there is a thin figure standing quietly, that figure is not strong, but it will be all the wind and waves, all the resistance down. That is Lin Brother Lin Dong?! Su Rou stared blankly at the vaguely familiar figure, and the next moment, she suddenly stood up, and on her pretty cheeks, there was an incredible and unspeakable ecstasy. From the rear came a cry of surprise, but also let the tightly closed eyes of Ling Qingzhu slowly opened his eyes, and then she looked at the front of the figure that did not know when to appear, shellfish teeth clenched red lips, a trace of blood seeped out from the corners of her mouth, stainless steel toilet ,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, but she was forced to endure the fluctuations in her heart, forced her eyes slowly away from the back. In front, the figure was silent for a long time, and finally turned his head slightly sideways. He looked at the silent figure behind him with complicated eyes, and then in the dark eyes, there was a soft color quietly surging up. Don't worry, I'm here and no one can hurt you. Hearing this sentence with a slightly hoarse whisper, at this moment, Rao was cold with silk and clear bamboo, a sense of sadness that could not be clear, surging up the tip of his nose, and in his eyes, there was a condensation of water vapor. Lord Heaven and Earth, I ***ing found it in the backup.. I'm so touched Oh, my God! This chapter is yesterday, each brother, beg the monthly ticket, rush to the first, rush to the first, today five more!!! Ask for a monthly pass! Ask for the fifth watch!?!?! Chapter 1198 be careful. Chapter 1198 The evil spirit surges all over the sky, the earth cracks, and the thin figure is quietly standing in front of it, allowing the towering waves to be unable to sweep in. When he said that slightly hoarse words, he also turned around, and then walked to the side of the slightly slanted head of the silk bamboo, he looked at the blood stained on the latter's gauze, the latter's willow eyebrows, vaguely can see that familiar cold, and Ying Huanhuan now that kind of cold is different, her cold, but always has a kind of innate pride. And that's probably why she's so good. Ling Qingzhu could feel that the young man who came to his side, who had never had too much fluctuation in the eyes of the autumn water even between life and death, was a little disordered at this time, holding her hands tightly, controlling her emotions, and not letting her look at the man whose light suddenly became as dazzling as an eagle. This appearance, and three years ago as tragic, completely different. And in her slightly disordered state of mind, the young man in front of her seemed to bend down, and then directly picked her up at the waist, suddenly off the ground, so that Ling Qingzhu's mind was blank for a moment, but then woke up, there was a fierce struggle. Don't move. A slightly deep voice came, Ling Qingzhu's body was slightly stiff, and finally he raised his head, and a young face, which was much more mature and resolute than three years ago, came into his eyes. At this time of the latter, is slightly frowning, that temperament and fierce, even today's Ling Qingzhu, are stunned, three years, seems to have washed away his body of lead, that was originally hidden in the depths of the bone, is gradually revealed. Ling Qingzhu's silver teeth nibbled, and the struggle was still weak because of the injury to her body now, only the clenched jade hand showed some fluctuations in her heart. Lin.. Brother Lin Dong ?” Su Rou and many other disciples of the Nine Days Taiqing Palace stared at the young man who was walking slowly with Ling Qingzhu in his arms. After a long time,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, she suddenly came to her senses. On that pretty face, suddenly there was a color of ecstasy that could not be concealed. Brother Lin Dong, it's really you! Did you go back to Dongxuanyu?! I knew you would come back! 。 cnkexin.com


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