Kill God Kill God

Yi Tianmo looked awestruck, but the black smoke in his eyes volatilized little by little and slowly dissipated. After a while

Yi Tianmo looked awestruck, but the black smoke in his eyes volatilized little by little and slowly dissipated. After a while, his eyes returned to normal and his body no longer trembled. The younger generation is awesome, the younger generation is awesome. Yi Tianmo murmured, the strange light in his eyes flashed away, and his expression was complicated. Chapter 258 hunting. Half a month is fleeting. Shi Yan stayed in the Chamber of Secrets for half a month, studying the soul secrets of Yin Meizu all day, forgetting to eat and sleep. Half a month later, Shiyan quietly came out of the secret room, without informing Cao Zhilan and others, and left alone from this ancient building. Walking in the streets of the ancient city, before he had taken a few steps, Yu Rou, the head of the White Wing Clan, suddenly appeared beside him. "Shiyan, why did you suddenly come out?" He asked with a smile. "Want to walk outside, well, look at the Yin beast outside the city, practice the way to control the sky fire, of course, you can also follow." Shi Yan smiled. I will accompany you, and if you are in danger, I can help you at the first time. You are now the life-saving straw of our two races. Your safety is very important. I don't want anything to happen to you. Yu Rou has a concerned face and sincere words. That's all right …… Accompanied by Yu Rou, Shi Yan quickly left the city gate. Yin Meizu's Kaba and others, after receiving the news of Shiyan's departure from the city,Steel investment casting, were somewhat surprised and puzzled, but since Yu Rou followed them, they did not say much and did not restrict Shiyan's actions. Emperor mountain is also in the city, also the first time to get the information he left the city, but also did not stop. Outside the city, Shiyan, accompanied by Yu Rou, went straight to the direction of Yinshou Mountain. After more than a month, the Yin beasts on the Yin Beast Mountain began to make trouble again, flying out of the Yin Beast Mountain one after another,Stainless steel foundry, and running around in various areas of the abandoned land. Shiyan divinity extended and soon found a place where Yin beasts gathered. A dozen of Yin beasts were beside a pool, and several of them were playing in the pool, not knowing the danger at all. Yin beasts live in Yin Beast Mountain all the year round. They collect the Yin Qi of heaven and earth in the mountain to practice, but many Yin beasts also need other things to practice. Some fish in the water and stones in the bottom of the pool are also beneficial to the practice of some Yin beasts. Therefore, the Yin beast cannot live on the Yin Qi in the Yin beast mountain alone. Yu Rou explained softly. Shi Yan nodded, his figure flashed, and suddenly he shot at the pool like lightning. As soon as his mind moved, a brilliant fire burst out from his palm, like a rainbow in the sky, flying straight towards the Yin beasts. The burning heat of the sky can burn everything, and that kind of heat is extremely sensitive to any living thing. Sky fire is the nemesis of the Yin beast, but when the fire light flies in the sky, the Yin beast immediately panics and flees in the direction of the Yin Beast Mountain. Shi Yan looked cold, with a dense smile on his lips, and slowly closed his eyes. The main soul is unpredictable in the sea of knowledge, pouring all kinds of conscious thoughts into the divine consciousness, and the strands of divine consciousness are scattered and attached to the rays of fire in the sky. The sky fire wandering in the sky seems to have its own life, socket screw plug ,die casting parts, the track is tricky, the antelope hanging horns, mysterious and unpredictable. Not long after, a bunch of light condensed from the sky fire interweaves into a dazzling light net, which falls from the sky and directly covers all the Yin beasts. Sigh! Sigh! The sky fire burns on the body of the Yin beast, and the body of the Yin beast burns up immediately, emitting colorful smoke, and the body dissolves quickly. Shiyan remained motionless, attaching divine consciousness to the light of the sky fire one by one, constantly enhancing the hot power of the sky fire. Since the main soul entered the sea of knowledge, his whole sensibility has increased several times in vain, and he is much more skilled than before in manipulating the sky fire. Divinity covers, and every move of the whole world seems to be branded in the heart, so that everything around it can be clearly observed without omission. The power of divine consciousness greatly enhanced his proficiency in manipulating sky fire. Under the influence of the main soul, divine consciousness became the tentacle of his consciousness, dexterous and precise, and entangled all Yin beasts. Not long after, a dozen Yin beasts were burned by the natural enemy's fire, and their bodies turned into light smoke, which completely dissipated. Under the influence of his body's strength, the colorful crystal was suspended on the pool, like a strange star. When he finally opened his eyes, Shi Yan smiled and calmly reached out to grab the demon crystals. The demon crystal hanging in the air, after he stretched out his big hand, seemed to be pulled by an invisible force, flying to his palm one by one, and soon the magic ring on his finger disappeared. Twelve demon crystals, well, the harvest is very good, but it's still not enough. With a murmur, he released the divine consciousness again and continued to cover farther away. A few minutes later, Shi Yan's eyes lit up, and he again urged Yi Dian to change and leave quickly. The head of the White Wing Clan, Yu Rou, was surprised and stared at the direction of Shiyan's departure, showing a thoughtful expression. Her cultivation is exquisite, this period of time has been quietly observing Shiyan's actions, she is very familiar with Shiyan's physical condition, as well as the progress of the realm, through the easy killing of the Yin beast by Shiyan, she realized that Shiyan has entered a higher stage both in the realm and in the mastery of power. There was no waste of the sky fire light released by Shiyan this time. When flying in the void, there was no volatilization of the sky fire power. At the moment when the sky fire net was formed, the power of sky fire seemed to form some kind of mysterious array, and the power of sky fire was condensed several times in an instant. Such progress, let Yu Rou realize that Shiyan's penance during this period is not empty, just more than a month, Shiyan in the recognition of strength, obviously reached a new situation. Yes, but it's not enough. I hope you can show more strength as soon as possible. Otherwise, you still can't convince the stubborn guy in Dishan. The patriarch of the White Wing Clan whispered softly, and then smiled indifferently. His wings swayed gently, and he quickly caught up with Shiyan. One day, Shiyan wandered around the Yin Beast Mountain, looking for the Yin Beast Group everywhere. Whenever he found a group of Yin beasts, he would release the sky fire, skillfully use the power of the sky fire,car radiator cap, bind and imprison those Yin beasts, burn them into ashes little by little, and then seize their demon crystals.


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