Single out the proud prince.

Why doesn't she know about such a good thing? "What can I do for you?" Yu asked. Suddenly Feng Yuncheng encircled her

Why doesn't she know about such a good thing? "What can I do for you?" Yu asked. Suddenly Feng Yuncheng encircled her waist and shouted at her, "Don't even think about it!" Then he looked at Jiang Geyang and said coldly, "Do you think the future president's wife of Lei Feng will come to work in Huake? Don't dream.". Even if you want to work, you have to get our thunder wind, and it's not your turn! However, "looking at Yu Qiangle, in front of Jiang Geyang, he lowered his head and kissed her, and said demonstratively," I still don't want her to go to work. Just be a happy little woman at home. Yu Qiangle blushed because of his words. He hit him lightly and scolded him coquettishly. "I hate it. I only know how to say some disgusting words, but I'm not impatient!" Feng Yuncheng let her splash. He grabbed her little hand and said, "What's there to be impatient about? We have a proper relationship." "Are you finished?" It was not until a roar sounded that they remembered that there was a Jiang Geyang in front of them. Embarrassed, Yu smiled at him and said, "Senior Jiang, I'm sorry. Thank you for your company's love, but I'm afraid I don't have the ability.". You'd better tell your father to ask him to find someone else. This Jiangdongwang, how can you not give up after so long. Jiang Geyang's face was ashen. "Why?" He cried angrily. "Didn't you boast about how powerful you were at the beginning? Why do you shrink your head now?" How can he always invite her, he also boasted in front of his father,metal stamping parts, said that he would persuade him to work in his own company, how suddenly came out of a Fengyun city. Seeing the intimacy of the two of them, I don't know where the nameless anger in my heart is burning up. Yu Qianle frowned and looked at him angrily. He said in puzzlement, "You looked down on us at the beginning, but you didn't shrink your head. You have to make it clear!" When Jiang Geyang heard this, there was a look of regret and guilt on his face. He said, "I know I was too impulsive and said something I shouldn't have said,car radiator cap, but you have a lot of adults. Don't mind any more, OK?"? My father really wants to invite you. At this time, the extremely ugly Fengyun City did not mean that Shallow Music opened his mouth and said first: "Now that you have apologized, we will not pursue it.". And thank you for your father's love. But I'm afraid we can't promise you. I'm sorry! That's what he said, but there was no sign of guilt on his face. Why Jiang Geyang asked, Yu Qiangle also looked up at him, listening to what reason he was looking for to refuse him. Because, "Feng Yuncheng hugged Yu Qiangle even more tightly and said to Jiang Geyang demonstratively," Qiangle has promised to work in our own company after graduation. Of course, we can't go to your company for two purposes at the same time. I'm really sorry! Looking at Jiang Geyang's pale face, he couldn't speak for a long time. He couldn't help feeling proud. He took Yu Qiangle's hand and said, "I'm sorry. We have to go to dinner. I won't accompany you.". Goodbye "How could you do that?" After walking a long way, Yu Qiangle stared angrily at Fengyun City. This guy, Magnetic Drain Plug ,CNC machining parts, how can you say that. Feng Yuncheng stopped, looked at her, frowned and said, "Do you really want to go to his company?" "Of course not!" "Then what's wrong with me refusing for you?" Subconsciously relieved, he did not see the infatuation in Jiang Geyang's eyes. As a man, I am very concerned about these things. Is there anyone who refuses others like you? You are so overbearing. Yu Qianle frowned discontentedly. Feng Yuncheng smiled and hugged her. He didn't care about the classmates walking around. He kissed her and said, "Now I know I'm overbearing. It's too late, hehe." "Go to hell." Yu Qianle punched him hard in the stomach. With a muffled snort, Feng Yuncheng covered his stomach and cried out in pain, "Oh, my God, you woman, you want to murder your husband. You are really cruel. You are a savage woman." Yu Qianle raised his chin triumphantly and squinted at him. He snorted coldly, "I don't know until now. It's too late, hehe." Then he laughed in his tone. Feng Yuncheng also smiled and said, "You like your savagery best, but" he grabbed Yu Qiangle, hugged her in his arms, and whispered in her ear, "I prefer to train savagery women. Then he stole an incense stick from her face. Yu Qiangle blushed and pushed him away, laughing and scolding, "You are a bad guy. If I don't kill you, don't run away if you have the guts." Then he ran with Feng Yuncheng. In the campus, a pair of lovers full of affection were chasing each other until they could not see each other out of the school gate. He did not notice that a pair of evil eyes were looking at them with envy. [Text: Chapter 45] I don't understand how her love affair with Feng Yuncheng can cause such a sensation. Sitting in the headmaster's office, Yu Qianle looked at him and heard that he was a heavyweight in the city. Oh, on the count, there are four. She only knows one of the four. It is Feng Fan, the head of Asian giant Lei Feng, who is also the father of her boyfriend Feng Yuncheng. Unbelievable. A few days ago, she was forcibly taken to his residence by Feng Yuncheng. Feng Fan didn't know each other because he was on a business trip. But who doesn't know the president of the famous Thunder Wind Group? I just don't know why he came to her. Yu Qianle looked at the sails uneasily. The sails were also looking at her, looking up and down with a pair of shrewd and fierce eyes. Let in the shallow music heart hair hair, his expressionless appearance is really good dignified, I do not know whether he knows she is his son's girlfriend? Look at the sail, "Uncle Wind, do you recognize me?" She was very nervous. She had been dating his son for a few days. He should know. Of course I know you. If I don't even know my son's girlfriend, am I still a good father? Wow, he even laughed. Yu Qiangle looked at him in surprise, and he didn't seem to object to her association with Feng Yuncheng. Yu Qianle felt more at ease and asked, "Do you, do you like me?" Oh, how to say such a thing,die casting parts, really, hate yourself, Yu Qiangle secretly scolded.


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