Shifu is going to turn black.

"Ah Lan, so." Why don't you sleep so late? "Xia Jianguo burped, and the smell of wine spread in the living room.". Xia Weilan stood up slowly

"Ah Lan, so." Why don't you sleep so late? "Xia Jianguo burped, and the smell of wine spread in the living room.". Xia Weilan stood up slowly, her supple hair falling from her shoulders, half covering her cold look. She walked up to Xia Jianguo and looked down at the man who was always full of alcohol. So.. Lan? Xia Jianguo asked in a daze. Aren't you sad that your mother died? Xia Jianguo is stupefied, cover an eye with the hand next, frown: "Go helping father turn off the light, too dazzling." Xia Weilan was unmoved. Xia Jianguo sighed, "Life and death are destiny.". Besides, we can't control such things as illness. He sat up and rubbed his old face and his hair, which had not been done for a long time. "That's why the rest of us have to live well," he said. Xia Weilan did not speak, turned around and closed the living room. The living room, which had just been bright, was suddenly surrounded by darkness. Xia Jianguo Xia Weilan's voice was so cold that there was no temperature. He looked back at the darkness and said, "You don't deserve it." She turned into the room, and in the living room behind her, which was shrouded in darkness, the man who was deep in the sofa suddenly hid his face and cried bitterly. Xia Jianguo did not know why he wanted to hide his face and cry. It was dark enough here, but he dared not take his hand away. He was afraid of being seen. He was afraid of being seen by her. He wanted her to go peacefully. Xia Weilan heard the voice behind him and stopped with his hand holding the doorknob. However,stainless steel tube fitting, such a pause is only a moment. Click- " The door is closed. Darkness and pain, sadness and disappointment, are shut out together. Inside and outside the door, two worlds. Chapter 40 "Miss Xia." The young man wearing gold-rimmed glasses on the opposite side held the frame and said, "Mr. Xia bought a huge amount of insurance for himself before his death. The beneficiaries are Mrs. Xia and Miss Xia." Xia Weilan's eyes flashed slightly, his fingers were white and he held the corner of his clothes and did not speak. The police's responsibility certificate has come out, the truck driver should take full responsibility for drunk driving,tube fitting manufacturer, Mr. Xia's death is indeed an accident. The young man paused, as if to arrange his words. He said: "Now you are the only beneficiary, you fill in and check the relevant information, if correct, our company will start the normal claims procedures." The young man looked at Xia Weilan. Xia Weilan suddenly lowered his head. His eyes flashed. He stumbled and asked, "Is that right?" "Mmm." The young man must have nodded. I can ask. "She took a deep breath, looked up at the young man and said," I can ask, Xia Jianguo, I mean my father, when did you buy this huge insurance? " The young man lowered his head to look through the materials, raised his head to hold the frame, and said, "Miss Xia, stainless steel needle valve ,38 tube fitting, what we have found here is that Mr. Xia has been paying the insurance to our company every year since ten years ago." "So, so that's it." Ten years ago, it was so long. Xia Weilan's voice could not have been more normal except for a bit of trance. Uh The young man handed her the information and said, "Please fill in the relevant information first." "No, no problem." Xia Weilan's hand holding the pen trembled constantly, and even the simplest horizontal line was drawn into a wavy line under her pen. She clenched her trembling white lips and filled in two words askew in the column of kinship. [Father and Daughter] She stared at these two words and suddenly put the document and pen on the table. Cover your face and lose your voice. Tears as big as beans overflowed from the fingers and fell on the paper one by one. The two words that had just been written were wet with tears. The wet black ink slowly blurred on the brand-new white paper, and the handwriting gradually blurred. Sorry She said. You, don't be too sad. The young man handed a tissue to her and comforted her by saying, "There is still a long way to go in life. You are only eighteen, and you still have a long way to go." Young people really do not know how to comfort. Within a month of the death of both parents, I think any comfort is pale, eighteen years old, this should not have suffered. Xia Weilan wiped away her tears, then neatly filled out the relevant information, thanked the young man politely, turned around and went out, and closed the door gently. The young man tried to open his mouth to say something, but he only moved his lips a little. He slumped in his chair, took off his glasses, loosened his tie, and let out a heavy breath. He looked up at the gloomy sky outside the window. Dark clouds were rolling in the sky, and there was a faint rumble of thunder. There was a gap in the dark clouds in the distance of the sky, and the white light came through the layers of dark clouds, but it did not give people a pleasure to see the light, but made the surrounding sky more dark and depressing. Let's hope the little girl gets home before it rains. He said to himself, and then he began to work again. Xia Weilan walked on the road in a daze, with heavy footsteps. The dark clouds in the sky began to roll, thunder and lightning, heavy rain poured down, but it was only a matter of a moment. Go, go, go. Don't get wet. The woman of about thirty years old held the little boy of five or six years old tightly in her arms and hid in the eaves of the street, but she was mostly wet. Mom, look at that sister. Pointing at Xia Weilan, the little boy opened his big eyes and said, "Big sister, don't you come in to shelter from the rain?" Xia Weilan stopped, turned his head, and a pair of empty and dead eyes met the little boy's line of sight. The little boy backed away with some fear. The lady hurriedly pulled back the little boy's hand pointing to Xia Weilan and took him into her arms, apologizing: "I'm sorry, the child is not sensible.." Xia Weilan's line of sight flowed back and forth between the boy and the lady, and finally he just shook his head slowly, and then he took another step, moving forward aimlessly, staggering like an old zombie. Her footsteps finally stopped at a shabby and small amusement park. The rain wet her clothes,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, and she covered her face and squatted down slowly. The whole world is filled with the sound of rain. A man dressed in white, white gold boots in the rain, slowly walked to the front of Xia Weilan.


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