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Fang Wen rolled his eyes and shook his head helplessly. He explained in a low voice: "Although the underground laboratory has

Fang Wen rolled his eyes and shook his head helplessly. He explained in a low voice: "Although the underground laboratory has not been completed yet, the energy supply there must be guaranteed.". The mainframe core limits this, so we're going to have a hard time dealing with the herd. The moon looked at Fang Wen with very mysterious eyes. Fang Wen nodded gently and said with a smile, "At 75% of the market price, I'll give you a little more energy." Moon's eyes lit up, Fang Wen occupied the entire orc continent, he must be in the fair and aboveboard mining of private mines, the moon knows that Fang Wen must have accumulated a lot of good things. According to 75% of the market price, additional energy blocks will be provided for the remaining months? This is equivalent to Fang Wen giving a monthly dividend of 25% in vain. This is a naked bribe! With a wave of his hand, the remnant of the moon shouted, "All the heavy troops will go out and wait for the air force to attack the herd in three waves.". Well, 70%. "Seventy-three percent, your Excellency, you must understand that I have so many people to feed." Fang Wen looked at the moon in distress. The gates of the Warcraft base opened at this time, and a large number of heavy mechanized troops swarmed out to meet the herd. More than two thousand attack planes in the air swooped down to the ground at the same time, and a large number of powerful bombs roared down, which were so dense that the rain clouds in the sky fell directly to the ground, and then turned into countless flames,plastic pallet price, rolling up countless animal corpses. The new round of indigenous priests did not control any powerful monsters, so under the attack of the Warcraft base, tens of thousands of herds suffered heavy casualties, but Fang Wen did not care about this. With these aborigines to harass the Warcraft base, the only purpose is to let the people here can not spare their hands to find Fang Wen's trouble. As for whether there is too much success, Fang Wen does not care. Provide me with energy blocks according to 70% of the market price, and I will strive for three comprehensive training bases for you. With her hands behind her back,plastic pallet manufacturer, Yue looked at the fierce battle between the army and the herd in front of her. She said lightly, "You know the situation now. It's a sure thing that the army wants to stand on its own feet.". Therefore, the military headquarters needs a large number of middle and lower military personnel, scientific and technological personnel, and administrative personnel to supplement it. The Military Council is preparing to build a number of training bases. I will strive for three comprehensive training bases for you. The people trained here will be your lineal relatives in the future. Yue Yan looked at Fang Wen with a smile, patted him on the shoulder and said with a smile, "You are now a voter.". But a voter family, a real voter family, is more than just an identity. You need power and influence. You have a little power now, but you have no influence. Fang Wen forcefully clapped the palm of the moon and laughed: "Deal!" No deal for a fool. Three comprehensive training bases? Oh, my God, the secret base of Long Zunweide just needs a large number of professional staff to supplement. This is a timely help, brother! Fang Wen smiled so hard that he could not close his mouth. He said generously, ibc spill containment pallet ,plastic pallet containers, "In this case, in addition to the agreement just now, I can also provide you with 100,000 tons of roughly refined energy ore every year at 60% of the market price." As soon as the moon's eyes lit up, he nodded hurriedly and answered, "That's very good." After hesitating for a moment, the moon smiled and said, "In that case, I will teach you the power of God in advance." Looking at the herd in the distance, which had been killed in a river of blood but was still on the run toward the Warcraft base, the moon frowned in disgust and said in a cold voice, "The herd is huge this time, but there are few high-level monsters. It doesn't seem to be a disaster.". Come on, let's find a secret room, and I'll teach you.. How can you practice the two internal skills of ice and fire at the same time? Remembering that the moon had just been attacked and seriously injured by Fang Wen, at that moment, he clearly felt the energy fluctuation on Fang Wen's body. That is the fluctuation of Xuanyin strength and Zhiyang strength. Xuanyin Jin is obviously taught by the Roxy family, while Zhiyang Jin is the skill that Fang Wen has been upgraded step by step from the training base and the military since childhood. It combines the two skills of ice and fire without causing any conflict. The moon is deeply aware of how much damage can be done to the enemy when two absolutely opposite energies are compatible with one person. "Anyway, Fang Wen is one of us now, isn't he?" The moon bowed his head and pondered. He tried his best to convince himself: "He has always been a member of our faction, so I should give him a little extra preferential treatment.". Besides, there have been people who have received this extra privilege before. "Thirty-six gods, and he doesn't know the matching Xuanyin, so there won't be too much trouble." At the thought of Fang Wen's promise to provide him with an additional 100,000 tons of energy ore every year, which is only 60% of the market price, the moon can't help but collapse. Although he has the title of God, he is not too rich. Fang Wen, this is equivalent to giving him 40,000 tons of roughly refined energy ore every year! "Fang Wen, I have decided to teach you two gods, the control of ice and the control of fire." After taking a long breath, the moon said in a low voice, "But you must keep it secret.". Do you understand? Teach two gods at the same time? Big hand, Fang Wen sneers in the heart, but on the surface he nods repeatedly with great trepidation: "That's of course, of course.". Are you going now? "Go now!" The remnant of the moon handed over the command to one of his confidants, and then rushed away with Fang Wen toward a cliff several kilometers away. Fang Wen looked back just in time to see a medical team carrying the moon out of the command room. The moon had come to his senses, and he was dancing and cursing loudly on the stretcher, using the most vicious language to greet Fang Wen and the eighteen generations of the ancestors of the moon. He's calling your ancestors names. Fang Wen was very'considerate 'to pull the sleeve in front of the moon. The moon almost fell to the ground. He hummed a few times and ignored Fang Wen's explicit malicious provocation. Ren Tu Chapter 6 Bo Fa Chapter 7 Xiao _ Shuo txt Tian'Tang Chapter 8 The headquarters of the executive government of the Earth's home planet. At night, the drizzle is continuous. Rain and fog covered the huge pyramid-shaped building tightly,collapsible pallet bin, and from a distance, such a large building looked like a hill, standing on the coast of the East China Sea.


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