Love Jiangshan More than Beautiful Men (Volume 1)

Two people can not help but embrace a full Ling Long has not yet opened his mouth outside the park suddenly came the

Two people can not help but embrace a full Ling Long has not yet opened his mouth outside the park suddenly came the earth-shaking cry A basalt guard came to report like a whirlwind "the leader of the alliance has found the assassin and it is indeed hidden in Ziyuxuan!" What Ling Long turned pale and stared back at the guard kneeling on the ground "What did you say" Catch any assassins "Just" The assassin who wanted to assassinate the leader of the alliance yesterday The guard had never seen Ling Long with such a terrible face and his frightened voice trembled Before he could say any more Ling Long had already broken away from Jun Yifan's embrace and rushed out Chu son- "Jun Yifan was also Fertilizers startled by Ling Long's action hurriedly catch up" Unconsciously launched the flying skill to fly with all her strength the cool face of the night flying alone occupied her whole heart at the moment do not be him do not be discovered! If he died wouldn't all his previous efforts be in vain The master of the Xuanwu Gang had already surrounded "Ziyuxuan" and the three stewards armed with weapons were killed in the same place with Ye Gufei Although Ye Gufei was seriously injured his swordsmanship was exquisite and strange and the heroes could not help him for a moment Get out of the way! Jun Yifan followed Ling Long behind him surrounded by the human wall hurriedly out of the passage the three stewards also turned back each standing in a corner ready Although it was surrounded by a group of enemies the cold and arrogant air of the night flying alone did not diminish at all It stood against the wind and stared indifferently at a man and a woman who appeared in front of it You're the assassin Jun Yifan stepped forward and was surprised by the assassin's slight age Nowadays there are not many people in Jianghu who can force him to draw his sword Unexpectedly he is a young man less than twenty years old Given time I'm afraid his martial arts are not inferior to his own Jun Yifan can not help but raise the heart of love "say who is behind the scenes I can save your life" As if he had not heard his words Ye Gufei's handsome face was still cold and his slender figure was motionless Killers have their own rules People like him who make a living on the edge of a knife will die sooner or later From the day of his debut he has been ready in his heart Green eyes can not help but glance at Ling Long a trace of warm waves quietly rippling through his eyes condensed thousands of years of ice This man can't stay If he can't take it for his own use he has to get rid of it Jun Yifan's face suddenly turns cold The reason why he can lead the martial arts world is that he has his own cruel side in his temperament Ling Long was such a smart man that he could see the murder in Jun Yifan's eyes clearly Seeing that Ye Gufei was about to spill blood on the spot he couldn't help feeling anxious Suddenly he had a brainwave He grabbed the sword of a guard beside him rushed up and raised his sword to cut shouting "Damn assassin you want to kill my brother I'll kill you first China Chemicals Suppliers " Ye Gufei suddenly saw her coming over without any rules and regulations He was stunned Before he could understand what was going on Ling Long lowered his voice and said "Take me as a hostage!" Ye Gufei's martial arts were many times higher than Ling Long's Instinctively he reached out his hand and clamped her wrist firmly Long sword "clang clang" fall to the ground night solitary fly can't think much pull Ling Long into the arm five fingers clasp her throat internal force only need to send gently can take her life All these changes were only between the shoulders and all the people present were dumbfounded at once Let go of Chu! Jun Yifan and the three stewards shouted in unison but no one dared to move for fear that he would really hurt Ling Long Ye Gufei saw that the opportunity was not to be missed and the time would never come again Chao Junyifan shouted coldly "Tell all your people to back off or I'll break her neck" A moment of heart hung to the throat just barely maintain the calm suddenly all collapsed Jun Yifan lost his voice and shouted "Stop!"! If you hurt one hair on her head I'll kill you! "Well don't come if you want to keep her alive!" Jun Yifan's chest rose and fell rapidly his fists clenched and he was deadlocked for a moment Finally he was livid and ordered "You all step back and let him go!" Who dares not obey the orders Inorganic Chemicals of the leader of the alliance The encirclement immediately withdrew to a main road Ye Gufei held Ling Long hostage and retreated down the mountain but he was very surprised It was said in Jianghu that Jun Yifan's heart was made of iron and stone No one could be as cruel as him especially for women I didn't expect that he would let himself go for Ling Long It was not until the figures of the two men turned into small black spots that Hu Yanshou could no longer help rushing up and shaking his fist and shouting "Leader of the alliance do you really let them go" "My subordinates will take someone to save Chu" Shamandu waved his hand to summon his subordinates A beautiful woman slowly came out of the crowd and blocked his way There's no need to go after it Chu won't come back! Hu Yanshou frowned and said in a gruff voice "Master Su what do you mean by that Chu Erfu won't die" Su Wan suddenly giggled The flowers trembled with laughter and tears almost came out As she laughed she pointed at Hu Yanshou and said "You're still a group of old Jianghu people You're really smart and muddle-headed all your life Don't you see that Chu Er was deliberately sent up to be hijacked by an assassin" As soon as this remark was made everyone gasped and panicked Everyone was worried about Ling Long's safety and had no time to think about why her behavior was so abnormal Su Wan finally stopped laughing and walked slowly to Jun Yifan She put her hand on his shoulder and said softly "Others can't see it but you can't see it can you" Chu Er knows martial arts and her flying skills are surprisingly good but she has never used them in front of anyone She may be the assassin's inside man on Zixia Mountain! Like a thunderbolt thrown from the ground it exploded in the crowd in an instant "How is this possible" How is that possible! The group of heroes exclaimed and talked one after another and finally all their eyes turned to Jun Yifan expecting him to give a negative answer Jun Yifan's extremely handsome face was expressionless staring at the direction of Ling Long's disappearance and standing in silence


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