Beelzebub DaddyBeelzebub Daddy

Beelzebub DaddyBeelzebub DaddyBeelzebub Daddy

In the cave, the bread is still writing something. Toland next to him was very strange and did not know what he should do now. Don't bother me, I'm thinking. The bread held up the sign without hesitation and stopped Toland's inquiry. Toland found a boring, can only shut up, obediently against the side of the mountain wall. All around, very quiet. But that's the way it should be. After all, this is not a good place, but a mass grave. Toland glanced thoughtfully over the bones. He imagined what these animals looked like when they were alive, and how they felt when they were playing with each other. It seems that if he imagines it in this way, he can hear the harmonious atmosphere emanating from the animals. Ah Whew … " Toland closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Although there was no breath, the cold breath that entered his lungs still gave him a refreshing feeling. But this is really a strange feeling. I'm already dead, but I can still experience the refreshment around me. Toland unbuttoned his chest slightly, revealing a little of his chest. His palm pressed on the black cross of the skull in front of his chest, looking at the "seal" which was in sharp contrast to his snow-white skin, a little sad and confused. Then he turned his head and looked at the bread that was still looking down at the calculation, fists, slowly clenched. If this is a slow-moving seal.. Then you must send the young master to the master's side before you are completely sealed. Bet on the reputation of the death knight, absolutely can not let the master because of the lack of master and have any sadness. This is my duty and my responsibility. The little bread over there did not know the firm belief in Toland's heart at the moment. She was just calculating something. But obviously, this calculation has hit a bottleneck, and there is no way to turn around somewhere in the mind. Can't untie.. Damn it, why can't it be untied? Is there something wrong with your calculation method? Where on earth is there any deviation? The bun threw away the bone and looked at the various formulas written on the whole side in front of him. She patted her head and clenched her teeth. Can it be said that the answers contained in it are far beyond the scope of their own knowledge? Or will you be completely wrong? This is actually a very simple thing, purely their own misinterpretation of its meaning? Hateful The bun shook his head and looked up at the ceiling, intending to give himself a rest first. She exhaled, her emerald pupils looking at the shining flare in midair, thinking. "Hm?" However, at this moment, the bun suddenly looked at the top of the bare cave as if she had found something, and thought about it. Then her eyes immediately shifted to the bones and looked at the black marks on the bones. Stick out your tongue, put some saliva on your fingers, and feel the cold and humidity in the air.. When all this was confirmed, the calm expression of the bun immediately became flustered. She rushed to Toran, grabbed him directly in front of the stone wall, and began to shout loudly. "Ah, whoo, Drive in racking system , whoo, whoo." "What's the matter?"? What's the matter, young master? Don't worry, take your time. Toland couldn't figure out what was going on, and he panicked when he saw the bun so anxious. At this time, the bun remembered that he could not speak at all, and hurriedly pulled out the writing card and brushed a few lines of words. Study the Puzzle on the Stone Tablet Now, Now Toland tilted his head for a moment and said, "Young master, is there a riddle on the stone tablet?"? That one Even if there is, we can think about it slowly. There is no need for you to be so anxious. The little bread shook her head hurriedly, and then she noticed how troublesome it was that she could not speak. I have no choice but to continue to write on the writing card. We don't have that much time. At most, we only have 24 hours to live. What?? Toland froze for a moment, and for a moment he was a little confused by the words of the bun. He smiled and said, "Young master, you are worrying too much.". Although it's bad to be stuck here all the time, we'll starve to death. But anyway, our luggage is still here, and so is the emergency food. We won't starve to death in 24 hours. "No" The little bread wrote anxiously, and her handwriting had become very illegible. Only 24 hours, because in 24 hours at the most, this cave will turn into a big steamer, sister Toland, you may be all right.. But I will be burned to death. At this moment, Toland's face could no longer maintain a smile. He looked at the bun in surprise, and after a moment, he asked. Within 24 hours? This is What's wrong "Because it's wet, it's cold, there's air flowing, but there are no icicles hanging under the roof of the cave, no spider webs, no lichens and other creatures. What's the only possible reason why a cave with such a low temperature, air and water vapor can be so dry?" Small animals such as geothermal spiders can reweave their webs in as little as 24 hours. But now the ceiling is so clean. It's a strong indication that there had been a geothermal eruption not long before we came here, and you can see from the black spots on these bones that they were pure burned spots. Up to 24 hours, if I don't find a way to escape alive, within 24 hours, I will definitely be made into a charcoal barbecue chicken. The analysis of the bun made Tolan's spirit tense. He looked at the bones on the ground. Indeed, what else could the black spots be if they were not burned by the high temperature? No wonder he felt that the bones of the skeletons here were slightly crisp. Was it because of the repeated transpiration of high temperature for a long time? The goddess of victory does not love luck. So what do we do now? Young master, there seems to be no place to escape. Yes, right here.


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