Chu Liuxiang Desert

"It seems that there are still fools," he said with a smile. Silly Fu. Before he had finished speaking, Hu Tiehua had pulled him into the bridal chamber.

Night You say, what's wrong with that? He did not know whether he was explaining to others or to himself. Ji Bingyan still ignored him. Chu Liuxiang buttoned up, sighed again, and said, "It's been hard for Xiaohu again this time." It's like. In cheating marriage, the bride dared not show up from beginning to end. It would be strange if she was not an ugly monster. Suddenly saw a person walked in, unexpectedly is Hu Tiehua. Chu Liuxiang originally thought that even if he was not angry to death, his face must be like earth, but Hu Tiehua was full of spring breeze. But not angry, and very happy. Chu Liuxiang was stunned instead. Hu Tiehua sat down opposite him and looked at him with a smile, as if he had just picked up a big gold ingot on the ground. Yes. Title Old Rain Tower · Gu Long "Chu Liuxiang Series · Great Desert" — — Chapter 16 Blood Splashing Bridal Chamber Gu Long's Chu Liuxiang Series: The Great Desert Chapter 16 blood splashing in the bridal chamber. Chu Liuxiang snorted and asked tentatively, "You.." Are you all right? "Very good," said Hu Tiehua with a smile. "You.." said Chu Liuxiang. Have you seen your bride? Hu Tiehua laughed and said, "Do you really think I'm a stupid son-in-law?"? Even the new daughter-in-law ran out of the bridal chamber without looking. Chu Liuxiang touched his nose and said, "So you.." You Not angry? Hu Tiehua laughed and said, "Why should I be angry? I have never been so happy." Chu Liuxiang stared at him and said, "Have you sobered up?" "I've never been so sober," said Hu Tiehua. Chu Liuxiang was stunned. "Of course you already know that my daughter-in-law is not Princess Pipa," said Hu Tiehua. "Yes,teardrop pallet racking," said Chu Liuxiang. "So you see," said Hu Tiehua, "since my new daughter-in-law doesn't dare to show her face, she must be a pockmark and an ugly monster, or else. How can you not dare to see people. Is it? Chu Liuxiang smiled and said, "Maybe it's not too ugly, but.." Hu Tiehua laughed and said,shuttle rack system, "You don't have to feel sorry for me, and you don't have to comfort me.". I tell you, my new wife is not only It's not ugly, and this Pipa Princess is ten times more beautiful. Chu Liuxiang was really stunned this time-since the eldest princess was so beautiful, why didn't she dare to see people before? He is honest I don't believe it. "Don't you believe it?" Hu Tiehua shouted. Chu Liuxiang touched his nose and said with a smile, "This.." Maybe it's.. Maybe it's.. Hu Tiehua jumped up and shouted, "Good!"! If you don't believe me, I'll take you to her. Chu Liuxiang has not yet spoken, Hu Tiehua has pulled him out. It was quiet outside the tent, and there was not even a figure. Chu Liuxiang said with a wry smile, "Early in the morning, you're going to drag me into the bridal chamber. Is that right?" Hu Tiehua stared and said, "What does it matter, asrs warehouse ,metal racking systems, my brother?" "Even if you think it doesn't matter," said Chu Liuxiang, "what about the bride?" "I tell you," said Hu Tiehua with a smile, "my new daughter-in-law is not only beautiful, but also good-tempered and gentle. And thoughtful.. Again …… Again I hardly know what to say. When Xiang heard what he said, he couldn't help being happy about it. "It seems that there are still fools," he said with a smile. Silly Fu. Before he had finished speaking, Hu Tiehua had pulled him into the bridal chamber. The tent was newly set up, and the inside was like a heavenly palace. Under the tassel brocade tent, the red wave is turned over, and the bride is charming. Lazy up in a deep sleep, showing only a dark cloud of hair. As soon as Hu Tiehua came in, he shouted, "a guest is coming. Get up quickly!"! This is my best friend, just like You don't have to be embarrassed, just like yourself. Other people get married three months later, the young couple meet, or shy, but he has not been married for half a day, as if old. An old married couple. Chu Liuxiang looked at it and smiled secretly, but he didn't feel happy for Hu Tiehua. If the bride hadn't been congenial to him, he would have How can that be. But the bride did not show her head. Hu Tiehua strode over and said, "You want to see him anyway. Why.." His voice suddenly stopped, and the blood on his face suddenly faded. Blood! The edge of the brand-new embroidered quilt was stained with blood. Hu Tiehua reached out his hand trembling and lifted the quilt. Bridal chamber spring is warm, by turn over red billow, but the person that is lying in by, it is a dead woman awesomely unexpectedly. Hu Tiehua is like a tall building slip, the whole person is soft down. Chu Liuxiang rushed over to support him and said, "When did you leave here?" "I.." said Hu Tiehua. I just went out to look for you. "All of a sudden," said Chu Liuxiang, "someone came in and killed him! Who could this be? What hatred does he have with you? Why kill you on your wedding night. But Hu Tiehua jumped up again and shouted, "Do you think this is my new daughter-in-law?" "Isn't it?" Asked Chu Liuxiang in surprise. "Of course not," said Hu Tiehua. "Who is this woman? I've never seen her in my life." Chu Liuxiang was stunned again and said, "Well.." So where is the bride? Hu Tiehua shook her head and shouted again, "Yes!"! Where did she go? She was sleeping here just now. Yes. As he shouted, he looked everywhere, even under the bed, but the bride had disappeared, and there was a stranger. The woman died in her bed. Who is this woman? Why did you come to the bridal chamber? Who killed her? Where did the bride go again? Hu Tie The flower just went out to play a turn, how can these many amazing changes take place in the bridal chamber? Chu Liuxiang has spent his whole life. I have never seen such a strange thing. This woman's face was swollen, and she must have been ugly when she was alive,industrial racking systems, and her chest at the moment! The amaranth was caught bleeding. The hole looked even more indescribably ferocious and horrible. Hu Tiehua stamped her foot and said, "What on earth is going on?"? How could this woman come to my bed naked? What is she When did you come? Doesn't my wife know? Chu Liuxiang said in a deep voice, "This woman didn't come here by herself." "How do you know?" Asked Hu Tiehua. 。


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