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The song begins like this: Come, come hither, praised Oedipus,Pi tape measure, the great glory of the Achaeans.

Of course, friendship cannot be obtained by chasing like a rabbit, nor by trapping like a bird, nor by violence like an enemy. It is very difficult to make a friend of a person against his will. It is very difficult to keep a friend in captivity as a slave, because then you will not be able to catch him. People who are treated like this will not be your friends, but your enemies. "How, then, do friends come about?" It is said that there are spells, and those who can recite these spells can make friends with whoever they want to be their friends. There is also a "love medicine" (φ ' Ka (ρα), those who can use this medicine, can make anyone fall in love with themselves by using this medicine on anyone. "How can we learn all this?" You have heard Homer once said that the siren sang something to confuse Oedipus. The song begins like this: Come, come hither, praised Oedipus,Pi tape measure, the great glory of the Achaeans. "Does the banshee sing the same song to others, Socrates, so that they can't leave them?" "No, they sing only to those who seek the glory of virtue." "I think what you mean is that we should say this kind of praise to whoever he is, like an incantation,Horse weight lbs, so that the listener will feel that the person who praises him is not laughing at him, because if a person is small, ugly and weak, and you praise him as tall, handsome and strong, it will only make him avoid you as an enemy." "But do you know any other spells?" "No, but I heard that Pericles knew a lot, and that he had said these incantations to the nation to make them love him." "How did Semistocles make the people love him?" "I swear by Zeus that he did not by incantation, but did the people what was good for them." "Socrates, Surveyors tape measure ,cattle weight tape, I think you mean that if we want good people to be our friends, we must ourselves be good in both words and deeds." "Do you think," said Socrates, "that a bad man can have a good man as his friend?" "I have seen," retorted Kritobulus, "that a poor orator has made friends with a good orator, and a bad strategist has become a famous strategist. "Friends." Coming to the subject we are discussing, do you know of any useless people who have become friends of useful people? "I swear by Zeus, I don't know," Critobulus replied. "But since it is impossible for a bad man to make friends with a good man, tell me if it is easy for a noble and good man to make friends with a noble and good man." "What puzzles you, Kritobulus, is that you often see those who behave nobly and do not want to do shameful things, not only fail to be friends with each other, but quarrel with each other, and their hatred for each other is even worse than that of those who are dirty." "Such things are not limited to individuals," Kritobulus said, "but even entire city-states, although they all value virtue and hate shameful things, hate each other. When I think of these things, I am very disappointed to make friends, because I do not think that bad people can be friends with bad people, because how can those who are ungrateful, reckless, selfish, faithless and unrestrained make friends with each other? In fact, in my opinion, it is not so much that bad people can make friends with bad people as that they are born enemies of each other. In the second place, as you have said, it is impossible for a man of low character to make friends with a man of good character, because how can a man who often does bad things make friends with those who hate such things? Moreover,Fiberglass tape measure, who can be friends, and in what kind of people can love and faith be found, when even virtuous people hate each other for competing for leadership in society and the state? 。


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