Fairy Doctor in the City

Since he has a way to make the money play a greater value, Zhang Yang feels that he has a clear conscience.

"Is my plantation good?" "My American ginseng plantation is one of the earliest in Wisconsin, and my grandfather started growing American ginseng here," he said, pointing to his plantation. It is earlier than Mr. Lu's planting history. "And the water quality here is first-class!" "Not far north from here is Lake Superior, and further north is Canada," said George Cannon, pointing to the north. We'll drive there later. It won't be long before we get to the lake. I'll be your guide today. Zhang Yang glanced in the direction Bowman pointed and nodded. With Zhang Yang's eyesight, he had already seen a big lake not far away. He didn't know it was Lake Superior. Hear the weeping of Bowman, saying, Benya is in the crowd, near the lake. Good water quality is good, but high water content and low altitude may not be the best for American ginseng cultivation. Pao Man's face was suddenly a little gloomy. He sighed and said, "You're right. Maybe it's because of this that I have to admit that there is still a small gap between the American ginseng I planted here and the American ginseng planted by Mr. Lu." "That's not all. Mr. Lu's understanding of the habits of American ginseng is also quite outstanding." Doug nodded and had to admit that Zhang Yang was right. In fact, he had been helped by Lu Zonghan in recent years to grow American ginseng of this quality. "But I admit that Mr. Bowman's plants are of good quality. You can show us around now." Bowman was very happy to be recognized by Zhang Yang. Although he had felt that Zhang Yang should be able to see his American ginseng after following Zhang Yang around several American ginseng planting bases recently, he was very happy to say it in person. He immediately led Zhang Yang to visit. It can be seen that the management of the American ginseng he planted here is exactly the same as that of Lu Zonghan. I'm afraid the slight difference in quality is really related to the moisture and altitude that Zhang Yang said. Zhang Yang nodded and agreed to sell the American ginseng after looking at the stock of George Paoman and the growth of American ginseng in the field. As expected. On behalf of Zhang Yang, Zhou Yani came out to talk about the price with Bauman. In the past two days, Zhou Yani had already talked about it several times,endless swimming pool, and she was very familiar with it. She soon reached an agreement with Bauman. At least George Bowman was satisfied with the price. Although the price sounds a little lower, to George's surprise. Zhang Yang actually said that the price was FOB. In other words, Bowman can save the freight, according to Zhang Yang's meaning, these things do not even need to be sent to the dock, as long as they are sent to the warehouse of Lu Zonghan's plantation. Zhang Yang has already passed it. Judging from the situation in the past few days,outdoor endless pool, the weight of American ginseng collected in Wisconsin is not so high. Maybe it's worth coming once. If you run once a year, you can save a lot of freight. Since Lu Zonghan wants to play smuggling, then simply play a little bigger, these things all go back, with this amount, even do not have to make their own move every time, let Han Ke to run a trip is no problem. Zhang Yang is not so old-fashioned about this kind of thing now, unlike when he was a heavenly general before, he always talked about the rules of heaven. If someone committed a little, he would go to the top of the line, even at the expense of taking other people's lives. Now come to think of it, for this kind of thing, outdoor whirlpool tub ,indoor endless pool, he would rather earn more money, used to cure diseases and save people is not very good? Zhang Yang now understands that whether it is curing diseases and saving people, developing medical undertakings, or training medical talents, all of them need money. Since he has a way to make the money play a greater value, Zhang Yang feels that he has a clear conscience. Things went smoothly, Bowman also felt very happy, then shouted to take them to the lake to see: "The Great Lakes region is quite beautiful!" " Song Jiaying and Zhou Yani had this idea for a long time. They heard that the lake area was nearby. Of course, they hoped to go and have a look at the scenery of the five Great Lakes under the fame. Since it is the largest freshwater area, it should be very vast, right? Although Zhang Yang could see the lake area, the place was so open that it was not close to walk there. So a group of people got into the car and ran to the lake area. Not far away, they turned onto a highway, which went north along a river. Oh. By the way, "seeing the river, Pao Man seemed to remember something and said with a smile," This river leads to the plantation of Lu's family, the river that Doug fell into last night. " Zhou Yani suddenly remembered Doug's discomfited appearance and said with a smile, "That guy is really unlucky!"! But the river seems to be much wider! "It's going to reach the mouth of the river, and it's going to flow into Lake Superior, and naturally it's much wider." Gun Man explained. But Song Jiaying said, "Did the river reach here yesterday?"? I don't know if the big fish has swam here, so the big fish, swimming in the lake is its world, right? "You should be able to swim over!" Zhang Yang looked at the river outside and said. He understood that the reason why the fish was in the river was probably waiting for a breakthrough in spiritual practice, and that nothing could disturb it in the river. Since it made a breakthrough again last night, it is very likely that it will go back to the lake. In such a big lake, there is not necessarily only one fish practicing. Should also speak with strength, right? But Zhang Yang's eyes were now attracted by the two boats in the distance. Do you catch fish in this way here? Zhang Yang asked. Uh. What way?. Gun Man looked in the direction of Zhang Yang's eyes, but at this distance, Bowman could not see clearly. Zhang Yang suddenly chuckled and said, "This guy is really vindictive. He can't even let go of a fish." "What do you mean?" Bowman asked. Zhang Yang pointed to the middle of the river and said, "Look, isn't there a motorboat in the middle of the river? That Doug is on it!"! The two boats in the back, one on the left and one on the right, are hanging trawls. Look, the mesh is so big, it's catching a big fish! While talking. The car drove closer, and Zhou Yani,Whirlpool bathtub, who was sitting on the side, saw it clearly and shouted, "It's really that guy. Is he finished?" 。 monalisa.com


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