The Holy King

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"Well, I now declare that the Empire of the Great Sage King Dragon has been established!" As soon as Yang Qi waved his hand, in an instant, his words were golden and his luck shook, and all the people heard it clearly. At this moment, all the officials felt that there seemed to be a thunder outbreak in the dark. In the depths of the sky, countless divine thunder resounded through the depths of people's hearts. People all had a sense of belonging, that is, behind them, they finally had the dependence of the empire of the Great Sage King Dragon. When people's hearts change, the world turns upside down. Immediately, after Yang Qi's announcement, his luck changed again. Heaven and man induction, countless nets, once again expanded, forming a huge sphere, the two empires from bottom to top, all wrapped up, so that even if the invasion of foreign enemies, it is difficult to break through the net of luck. And Yang Qi felt, more huge gas luck, poured into the top, vast and mighty, broke through his own seal. At the moment of the establishment of the Great Sage King Dragon Empire, his luck reached the extreme, and finally burst out with mysterious power! He felt that he at least had a lot of luck. Equivalent to thousands of governors. Thousand governors, in the invincible door, that is the absolute strong,Cantilever Storage rack, big strong Hao, status and nine tripods, the priestess are the same. Not to mention thousands of governors, generally, thousands of governors, are concurrently, the court big brother concurrently. It is absolutely impossible for the ordinary younger generation to get it. The merger of the two empires, Qi Yun one, flourishing, Yang Qi is the release of his brothers, to participate in the management of the empire,Pallet rack upright, so that they also share Qi Yun, each person's cultivation, but also a thousand miles a day. Yang Qi's present spiritual practice is no longer to absorb vitality and store divine energy, but to build a country and have luck. This is the true way of spiritual practice after the Supreme God. Huge luck, concentrated in one body, Yang Qi's magic lamp seal was broken, the last point of the magic lamp was refined, the brand of the Lord of Light was completely broken, at the same time, in the depths of the Pure Land of Gods, a magic lamp illuminated the eternal. This is not the lamp of the Lord of Light, but the lamp of Yang Qi's own life. Yang Qi does not go out, and eternity is like a long night. In the chaos before the birth of the whole divine world, there is no light. When the magic lamp comes out, the light will be born. At the same time, the body of the dish of civilization disappeared in an instant, but all the people in the Holy King Empire did not feel it. All kinds of systems in the dish of civilization were completely transformed into thinking and combined with Yang Qi's thinking. From then on, there was no magic lamp or dish of civilization between heaven and earth. All of them were transformed into flesh. The space of the Holy King Empire changed into particles and remained in existence. Instead, it existed inside Yang Qi's body and in the Pure Land of Gods. At this moment, radio shuttle racking ,Narrow aisle rack, Yang Qi's Pure Land of Gods has all the characteristics of the dish of civilization, all the characteristics of the magic lamp, and even the characteristics of all kinds of magic weapons, such as the seal of gods and the jade of sages. It forms a new pure land, which is the real pure land. Yang Qi's body changes, thoroughly refining two rare treasures, his own body has also changed into a rare treasure. Boom! The king of godhood in his body has broken through, and the spiritual thinking has also broken through. Reached the realm of two billion, whether it is the spiritual scale or the energy index, it has reached the level of two billion. His spiritual temperament and combat effectiveness have undergone earth-shaking changes, and he has reached the peak of the supreme God and the peak of the infinite will. The next step is to break through the infinite and March into the realm of no class. This is a path that many ancient deities can follow. The immortal king, the demon master, the true demon.. They are all exploring this road, but Yang Qi is still far from their realm. Break through the infinite level of will and reach the half-step level. Is still a long way off. Perhaps, his spiritual will, godhood index, to break through tens of billions, or even tens of billions, hundreds of billions to be able to understand to reach that level. This breakthrough, Yang Qi felt his change, the mark of the gods also changed, many of which did not show at ordinary times, all emerged in the depths of his mind, in an instant, through the mark of the gods Yang Qi felt the ancient heaven, that huge, much larger than the nest of ten thousand dragons, ship-shaped heaven, his thinking, and the transmission array in his body. Completely communicate with God's forbidden zone. In an instant, the shadows of the countless stars appeared in the Pure Land of the Gods. In the depths of his Pure Land of the Gods, when he looked up, he could see that the wonderful starry sky and endless energy were splashed down and condensed into a series of divine energy crystals in the air. Then, in the depths of the earth, a mineral vein was also condensed, that is, the mineral vein of the heavenly divine stone. God's ability to absorb is a hundred times more than before! Archon of the Holy King, born quickly. Chapter 1460 the Empire of the Great Sage Wang Long. Finally, the impact of Yang Qi's cultivation reached the peak of God, his spiritual scale, energy index also reached the realm of two billion, and is still growing. In addition, the more important thing is that his cultivation is absolutely not stagnant. It seems that he has touched many mysteries. More secrets of the sage's jade, the magic lamp, and the dish of civilization are all integrated into a whole. Now his body is neither a magic weapon, nor an artifact, nor an energy body. It seems that it is the rule of heaven. Inside his body, in the Pure Land of the Gods, the vast empire of the Holy Kings lived and worked in peace and contentment. Even, he breathed, countless chaotic ancient gas broke through the air, penetrated into the pure land of the gods, under the powerful energy decomposition, condensed into many rare treasures, even rare beasts, and even devils! The divine world is produced in the chaotic ancient gas. As long as there is enough energy and spiritual power, the chaotic ancient gas can produce all substances. Yang Qi, this is the means of the Creator. The dish of civilization has the ability to refine the chaotic ancient gas and create all kinds of genius treasures. Yang Qi has now completely refined the dish of civilization, making the dish of civilization into civilized thinking, civilized flesh and blood, so he also has the ability to create the dish, not only that,Pallet rack supplier, but also more powerful than the original ability to create things. Because he combines the power of the lamp of light, the jade of the sage and all kinds of magic weapons, and the origin of the nest of ten thousand dragons is also in it.


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