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"Good." Zhiyi has nothing to do and is lighting incense and playing the lute in the hall. The sound of the lute is clear and long, which seems to be able to temporarily clean up the boredom in his heart. In the short past eight days, there was a little more girl's sorrow between her eyebrows. The moth's eyebrows were lightly frowned, and her cheeks were dyed with sorrow. Under the beaded curtain, there was a quiet painting of a young girl thinking of you, which touched people's hearts. With a sigh in her heart, Mammy Xu felt sorry for her master and whispered the summons of the queen mother. Zhiyi nodded unconsciously and got up after a moment. Ren Lianxiang put on a piece of tulle and took the Phoenix chariot to the Jinghe Palace. Mother. Zhiyi was then stunned. "Master Huijue?" Hui Jue nodded his head and stood up to perform Buddhist etiquette. "Empress, the poor monk is courteous." Zhiyi also responded according to the Buddhist ceremony, "Master." Empress Dowager not much foreshadowing, words straight to the point, Huijue just repeated the main idea, said: "Zhiyi feel.." How about that? The queen mother thought that even if Zhiyi heard how bold to go to the battlefield or hesitate, did not expect the words just fell, just like the wilting eggplant girl immediately cheer up, eyes bright, "really, mother?" Huijue picked up the silent queen mother and smiled. "If you are willing, it would be better." Think of the previous March appointment, Zhiyi eyes flow, originally she regretted that she had said March for so long, now Master Huijue just sent her a reason, of course, she would like to. Mother, don't worry. Know Yi relief, "I am not like the emperor, even if I go, is also sitting in the tent, what danger can there be?"? If only because I was timid for a moment, and really let the emperor something happened, it would be too late to regret. The queen mother was persuaded by these words, nodded repeatedly, clenched Zhiyi's hand, "good, good." "The poor monk has three tricks here." Hui Jue handed it to him. "After seeing the emperor, if you encounter difficulties, the queen can open one.". "The empress has a good fortune, and everything is bound to turn bad luck into good luck, and this bag of tricks must complement each other." Seeing these three tricks, the Empress Dowager finally calmed down. She told Zhiyi to put them away and asked, "Master, when should the Empress set out?" "Prepare your men and set off, and you'll be able to catch up with the emperor in half a month." Huijue stopped. "As for the empress leaving the palace, the queen mother can say that the empress went to the Eight Immortals Mountain to pray for the emperor. On the way, the empress changed her route to the south." "The family must make good arrangements for this." Zhiyi safety is very important, the queen mother first sent a message to the king into the palace, let him transfer thousands of good soldiers to protect Zhiyi rushed to the south. King Xin was very opposed at first. Before he left, Narrow aisle rack , Emperor Xuan entrusted everything to him, including the Empress Dowager and Zhiyi. He didn't want his brother to come back and cut himself down in anger. King Xin also believed in Huijue's words, but he believed in Emperor Xuan's ability even more. With Emperor Xuan's ability to fight and the training of the soldiers of the Xuan Dynasty in water warfare over the past few years, he was confident that it would be easy to destroy Hai Qing and Master. When Zhiyi went, it was more likely to distract Emperor Xuan. But the two noblest women in Xuanchao believed in Huijue's words, and Princess Xin had a pillow wind. King Xin still had no choice but to let him go. He sent someone to send an express to Emperor Xuan in advance. He personally selected two thousand elite soldiers and asked them to remember that there was only one task on this trip: to protect the queen. So 12 days after Emperor Xuan led his troops out of the capital, the people learned that their empress had also left the palace for the Eight Immortals Mountain, saying that she was praying for the Xuan Dynasty and the emperor. A praise in the capital, all in praise of the queen's conduct, but I don't know the queen in their mouth just out of the capital, with two thousand troops, rushed to the battlefield overnight-Lianjiang. On the day of Zhiyi's departure, Huijue followed closely and left the palace, with a small monk standing on the high ground, quietly watching the queen's Luan battle slowly heading for the Eight Immortals Mountain. Master worker The little monk said curiously, "can you really foresee the future?"? What is written in the three bags of tricks? Huijue touched his little bald head. "It's not the ability to foresee. It's just night observation and speculation. There's nothing in the bag of tricks." "Huh?" The little monk was surprised. "Why did the master give it to the empress?" Hui Jue smiled. "When the emperor sees it, he will understand the intention of being a teacher.". Besides, what the teacher sent to the emperor was not a bag of tricks, but good fortune. Chapter 109 small soldiers. "Master, it's already dark. It's not easy to travel at night. Let's find a place to rest first." The little commander drove his horse forward and suggested to the young man that the young man should change his dress. Two days later, the little commander was convinced of the queen. It seems that the body is very delicate and fragile, but they are able to drive for two consecutive days without saying a word. They are duty-bound to protect the queen without any opinion, but when they see the queen's temperament is so courageous and resolute, they can't help but look at her with new eyes, which seems to be quite different from the image of a delicate woman in their imagination. How far is it? Pulling down the reins, Zhiyi slowly slowed down the horse's pace and looked into the distance. After crossing the river, there was only Li left. A few days ago, I got a message saying that the army had left the Lianjiang River, but the emperor was still camped by the Lianjiang River for the time being. Fifty miles, know Yi heart excited, but two hours at most, also arrived. Looking back at two thousand chosen men behind, or press the mood, they should be tired. Zhiyi itself is just full of yearning in the royal horse, in fact, the body is already very tired. He nodded and said softly, "It's really not safe to cross the river at night. Let's take a break on the spot." Hearing this, the young commander not only looked deeply at the young man's side face. They were all men and rough people. It was common for them to sleep in the wild at night, and they had long been used to it. But for the queen is obviously very inconvenient, the general small post inn can not accommodate more than two thousand of them, but the empress could have led a dozen people alone to the nearby town to rest, she did not do so, sleeping in the open air every day, sleeping in the forest at night, really people can not help but sigh. When he went to the battlefield to supervise the battle, Zhiyi only took Xiyu to serve him. After all, Xiyu was good at martial arts. Although he was not good at human communication, the rest were very bold and careful. The food cooked by these bodyguards tastes ordinary. Xiyu loves her master dearly. She wanted to do something else every day, but was refused by Zhiyi. Xiyu had to change the way to make some good tea every day. On the purple clay teapot, Xiyu followed the original Mammy to learn the good skills of boiling tea, and the movements were very eye-catching beside the bonfire at night. The guards couldn't take their eyes off it. They couldn't help saying, "All the ladies in the palace are as pure as Miss Xiyu and are proficient in all kinds of arts." 。 omracking.com


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