Mrs. May's Favorite Husband's Daily Life (1)

Wu Zhen raised her paws, and the shining tips of her paws came out of the pads. Hu Zhu stiffened and pressed her chest. She quickly

Wu Zhen raised her paws, and the shining tips of her paws came out of the pads. Hu Zhu stiffened and pressed her chest. She quickly put down her quilt and got out of bed. She said in her mouth, "Well, well, right away. Why are you so impatient, little ancestor? I'm really afraid of you." There are no men's clothes here, only all kinds of beautiful skirts. Wu Zhen disliked the fact that wearing a skirt was not good for riding a horse. She hadn't worn a skirt for some time. But she didn't say anything more. She simply put on the skirt. Then she said to the yawning Hu Zhu with a straight face, "The Snake Lord told me that they found traces of an unmelted corpse in the city of Chang'an. I don't know how many unmelted bones were spread out by that thing. We have to find it out as soon as possible." With a sigh, Hu Zhu hugged her chest and said, "Well, the slave knows. The slave will find out who has been particularly unlucky recently." People who have no bones on their bodies will be particularly unlucky. Most people only think that this is their bad luck for a while, but they do not know that it is because of the dirty things caused by the bones on their bodies. Hu Zhu is well-informed, and it is most appropriate for her to explore these things. After talking about business, Hu Zhu looked at her and asked, "What happened today? How did it become like this? I didn't even get my clothes back." "The clothes are still under Mei's bed," said Wu Zhen. Hu Zhu's eyes lit up. "Oh?"? The young man you said you were going to marry you last night? Wu Zhen waved his hand casually: "Don't talk about this." Hu Zhu was very curious, but seeing her like this and knowing that she couldn't find out, she could only secretly regret it and asked, "Shall we go around Chang'an City tonight?" Wu Zhen: "You go with the magic stick. I have to go to the big man of the Mei family. He has a bone. I have to get it." The young man had an unmelted bone on his body,tin beneficiation plant, and she dropped another unmelted bone under the bed. If he didn't care, he would probably die in that room tonight. Hu Zhu: "That big man of the Mei family..." Wu Zhen glanced at her, and Hu Zhu closed her mouth angrily. All right, you pay more attention and find out the other bones as soon as possible. I'll go first. Before going to Mei Dalang, she had to go home and have dinner with her old father. Wu Zhen is still from the second floor window down, Hu Zhu heard a scolding outside, it seems that the cat has not worn a skirt for a long time,gold heap leaching, accidentally skirt hook branches, almost did not fall. Back at Yu Guogong Mansion, Wu Zhen felt strange when he saw his father sitting in front of the hall with a smile on his face. Why are you laughing so happily? What's the good thing? Yu Guogong touched his beard and waved to her. "Come on, I'll show you something." Wu Zhen followed his mysterious father to the back and saw a wild goose in a wooden cage. The Duke of Yu pointed to the wild geese and said, "Today, the wild geese sent by the matchmaker were hunted by the elder man of the Mei family. It is said that he specially asked for leave and went outside the city to find them just to propose marriage. This is really a rare intention!"! Since he is so sincere, I'm sure he will live with you well in the future. Wu Zhen:.. Aren't you always a little too quick? The Duke of Yu hummed, "If you don't hurry, it will turn yellow again." Wu Zhen looked at his old father's happy expression, and his heart softened. He couldn't bear to disappoint him all the time. Anyway, it was just a trivial matter like getting married. It would be better to follow his heart once, so that he wouldn't always think about it. But there's one thing she has to figure out. Wu Zhen asked his father half jokingly, "Does the elder man of the Mei family really want to marry me, Carbon in Pulp ,gold shaking table, or does he have to marry me under the pressure of you, the queen and the imperial concubine Mei?" Yu Guogong: Didn't I tell you? The marriage was first mentioned to Mei Guifei by the elder brother of the Mei family. "He took the initiative to mention it?" Wu Zhen was really surprised, until she slipped out after dinner and ran outside the house of Mei's big man, still thinking about whether she had seen Mei Zhuyu before. After thinking about it for a while, Wu Zhen didn't remember anything, so he could only put it aside for the time being and sit on the top of the wall against a big tree to hide his figure, looking at the window reflecting the lights over there. She would wait here until Mei Zhuyu fell asleep, then sneak in and take out the two bones. However, when it was late at night, the lights had not been extinguished, and Mei Zhuyu did not sleep for some reason. Outside in the street came the sound of the watchman, Wu Zhen squatted on the wall, feeling his feet were sore. She stood up and moved on the top of the wall. Suddenly, she noticed something and turned to look at the courtyard. There appeared a dark shadow, which twisted and finally turned into a pitiful girl. The girl raised her hand to trim her hair, suddenly turned her head and smiled at her, opened her lips, said a few words silently, and then knocked on the door of Mei Zhuyu. Wu Zhen, of course, could see that this young girl was transformed by Dendrobium beads, and the words she had just said were-slave to help you. Someone knocked at the door in the middle of the night, opened the door and saw that it was a weak and pitiful beautiful woman, saying that she was avoiding bad people and asking for a shelter. If the average man, even if the heart has doubts, probably for the sake of women's beauty and weakness, also do not have the heart to drive people out. But Mei Jia Da Lang, he frowned after listening to the girl, completely unmoved, directly called the old slave in the house, two people together with the poor girl out of the gate, called to the street corner patrol guards, said the woman broke into the house late at night unknown origin, let them take the girl away according to the law. The two soldiers who patrolled the streets and alleys knew Mei Zhuyu. There had been a murder case in the square before, and it was this Mei Langzhong who brought people over to close the case. No matter when he saw the horrible corpse or when he saw the old woman who had lost her beloved son, he was so cold and indifferent from beginning to end that he closed the case neatly without saying a word, which made people feel heartless. So although they looked at the girl weak and pitiful, but in the eyes of Mei Lang, Leng is what dare not say, honest will be taken away. Wu Zhen watched Hu Zhu was taken away by the soldiers in astonishment, and secretly said in his heart that he had worked hard. He took the opportunity to slip into the room of Mei Jia Da Lang and got the clothes he had left here in the daytime. But there is still one in the bed can not be found anywhere, I think it is still in the Mei family big Lang. Mei Zhuyu came back too fast,manganese beneficiation plant, Wu Zhen was still thinking about whether to go first or hide in the room waiting for the opportunity, the door was pushed open. Now Wu Zhen no longer hesitated, a short body turned into the bottom of the bed.


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