The male God has ignited

Wu Zhen raised her paws, and the shining tips of her paws came out of the pads. Hu Zhu stiffened and pressed her chest. She quickly

Chu Zheng: ".." Don't beat you, give you food to eat, good, right?! Chu Zheng thought that Qiu Ya was a fool now, so he didn't haggle with him. Chapter 759 Evil Women Farming (15). Qiu Ya did not remember what had happened before. His memory began when he was picked up and returned to the village. He was starved and beaten every day. His memory begins when he wakes up. And the memory after waking up is spent in being beaten and starved. He has developed an instinct. If you don't work, you will starve. You can't contradict, you can't say no, you can't make demands, otherwise you may be beaten. Chu Zheng managed to convince him that he really wouldn't be beaten or starved here. - "Brother Liang, do you find that boy a little silly?" The bandits squatted in the yard and ate their breakfast. Liang Han drank a bowl of porridge, and when he heard this, he looked up into the room. The girl was feeding the man porridge, and her expression was as cold as ever, and she could not see any emotion. But judging from her movements, it proves that she is more patient. Say it with you. Liang Han rolled his eyes and said, "Eat more and watch less, and work after eating." Qiu Ya is not quite normal, and everyone can see it. Brother Liang,chrome washing machine, everyone is curious. "Yes, Brother Liang, do you think Miss Chu Zheng is going to keep him?" "Don't tell me, this boy is really good-looking. I don't think those women are as good-looking as him." "Curious?" Liang Han sneers: "Be careful that Miss Chu Zheng makes trouble for you." “……” People suddenly dare not be curious. Whatever this guy is, it has nothing to do with them. All they have to do is save their lives. Liang Han finished a few mouthfuls of porridge, went in and said to Chu Zheng, took a few people to leave to ask the cook,Portable gold trommel, by the way to check the identity of Qiu Ya. They are so fierce. Qiu Ya shrank behind the cabinet and dared not come out. How can you hit someone if you're not fierce? Chu Zheng glanced at Qiu Ya and said, "They dare not bully you." Qiu Ya pulled the cabinet and looked outside. Really. Really Chuzheng, take a deep breath. The good man card is a fool. Be twice as patient. Who let him be his own good man card! "Mmm." Qiu Ya relaxed a little. Chu Zheng brought a giant baby, and there was no love in his life. Take him to the town to buy things after dinner. Qiu Ya was afraid of life, so he dragged Chu Zheng's sleeve all the way, and he followed Chu Zheng wherever he went. Chu Zheng bought clothes for him. Turning his head, he found that Qiuya, who had just been standing beside him, had disappeared. She turned around twice, only to see Qiuya, a few children with sugar figures, around Qiuya. Qiu Ya grabbed his clothes and turned around in a panic. Fool, fool, coltan ore processing ,mineral flotation, ha ha ha, this is a fool. The sound of children playing and laughing makes Qiuya more nervous. Fool, do you want to eat? One of the children stood up, took out his own sugar man, and looked at Qiuya. Nope Qiu Ya shook his head. He wanted to leave, but was stopped by several children. Fools are not allowed to go and play with us. "Yes, go what? You play with us, and we'll give you a candy man to eat." No matter where Qiuya comes from, he will be badly stopped by children. The passers-by around him just took a look, surprised at Qiuya's appearance, and then walked away and let the children bully him. Fool, if you want to eat, you can bark like a dog! The child who spoke was suddenly grabbed by the collar. "The child was in the air, his skirt strangled his throat, unable to speak, and his whole face turned red in an instant." Like a dog barking for you? The girl's cold voice sounded in the child's ear. The rest of the children stood together in an instant, pointing to Chu Zheng: "You … …" You let him go! Chu Zheng threw the child away, and the bandits behind him held the child down. Let go of me! Who are you? The bandit glared at the child with a ferocious look, and the child suddenly got stuck and changed his face in fright. With an expressionless face, Chu Zheng hugged Qiu Ya into her arms. Qiu Ya's body trembled, wishing the whole person could shrink into her arms. I I can't find you. Qiu Ya's voice trembled. Chu Zheng patted him on the back. The passers-by around pointed at Chuzheng and Qiuya and cuddled in public, which was immoral. Chu Zheng turned a blind eye and asked Qiu Ya, "Why did you come here?" Qiuya raised his head pitifully and looked at the sugar man stall not far away, with some yearning and expectation in his eyes. Chu Zheng: ".." Is that what this is about! How old are you! Good man card is a fool, IQ is estimated to be only a few years old, is really a child. Calm. Good man card! Good man card!! Chu Zheng led him over and bought him two sugar figures, one in each hand. Qiu Ya was puzzled. As soon as his expression collapsed, he was wronged and said, "I.." I can't pull you. Chu Zheng tried to maintain the indifference of the big brother: "I'll get one for you." Qiuya beamed and handed her a sugar figure, then handed her his hand, showing a brilliant smile: "So I won't lose you." "Mmm." Chu Zheng clenched it slightly. She glanced at the children. "Take these children away." "No, you let go of me!" "Help!" "Mom and Dad!" "Help.." - Chu Zheng took away several children in a big way, and the street immediately spread. The parents of these children are all doing business on this street. Heard that their children were taken away, regardless of business, have run out, according to the direction of passers-by to chase the past. When they arrived at the place, they saw such a picture. Several children huddled in the corner, crying loudly and calling for help from their parents. The two big black dogs, led by a rope, were roaring at them, so fierce that adults were afraid to see them. The big dog was only half a meter away from the children. If the person who leads the dog relaxes a little, the big dog will jump on the child. There are a few people nearby. A very good-looking man sat on a chair,tin beneficiation plant, but his body was leaning against a girl, as if he was afraid of the picture in front of him, and his manner and movements were not like normal people. And the girl looked coldly at the picture in front of her.


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