Big brother, kneel down and ask for equipment

Wu Zhen raised her paws, and the shining tips of her paws came out of the pads. Hu Zhu stiffened and pressed her chest. She quickly

But fate has always been capricious, often playing a joke on them, a few games ago, you were far away from the opponent, a few games later, it is possible to meet in the same box. Starting from the 14th round of dice throwing, Otaka threw 1 three times in a row and watched Jim and Nanzheng run ahead of her. Jim, that kid, was lucky enough to throw 4 four times in a row, thus surpassing Lucky E's house. The squares in front of her and behind her were empty, and after two more rounds, Otaka, who had thrown 1, and Mona, who had thrown 2 behind her, came to the same place. Because after the start of the game, the leading person threw first, one by one to the back round,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, so after Mona threw, it was Danli's turn to throw behind her. Dan Li of the Kami Rescue Department cast the number 3 and came over to stand in the same line with them. Otaku, Mona, Danli, one mechanical, two rescue. After a few rounds, the familiar independent space opened and three people were dragged into the room. Three stacks of purple question mark cards spin in the air,Theobromine Powder, and the first one stops. [Question Type: Rescue.] A Zhai shrugged his shoulders. It seemed that her bad luck had not passed yet. This game was not her place. But fortunately, Mona is also with us, so let's leave this game to her. The second purple question mark card stops. [Competition format: Live application rescue.] The third card. [Special Rule: None] Special rule None How is it an inexplicable theoretical problem when it's her turn? When it's Mona's turn, the rules of the game suddenly become normal. Is this system face control? A curtilage peeked at Mona's chest, three years to rescue the small partner's body more magnificent, looking back on their own. Otaku decided to ignore the sad topic. Entering the room with them was Dan Li, a member of Kami's rescue department, a man with silver-colored eyes and a cold face, who was less talkative even among the members of Kami. Mona can not imagine the scene of his rescue, but the other side is the leader of the Kami rescue department, can become the leader means that he is the first person in the Kami rescue department, can sit in this position will be somewhat unique. Even though they were in the same room, Dan Li had no extra eyes for his opponent. He didn't even pay attention to the rotation of the cards. He just followed the instructions of the system and stood in place like a sculpture. It was not the first time that Mona and Dan Li entered the same room. They met in the first round, L Methylfolate Factory ,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, but they both lost when they drew questions from other departments. This time, the topic type is rescue, and the competition form is the most classic actual combat of the rescue department. In the contest between them, one is the representative of Kami and the other is the representative of Yaheng. This is a contest between Kami and Yaheng rescue department. She's a member of the strongest team, and she can't lose face at a time like this. The rules of this game are very simple. You will be the rescue leaders of two teams, leading the virtual team members to carry out rescue work in three areas of the same place. "You need to direct the team members to take corresponding rescue measures. The players who rescue more people within the specified time and have more perfect action strategies will win this victory." The voice of the system faded away, and a looming picture appeared in front of them. The sound of rocks cracking, falling buildings and smoke billowing, fallen residents everywhere, ordinary shouts, the roar of aliens, warriors struggling to fight everywhere, but they can no longer take care of the ordinary people who have fallen around them. Who stepped on whose foot, who stepped on whose body, they saw a house and others, desperate face appeared a crack. You don't need to hear the shouting to read their expressions, and all of them are tearing their hearts and lungs and shouting: Help me. The ground is devastated. Mona and Danli were assigned to other areas, leaving Otaku alone. The invincible soldier felt a little helpless in the face of the scene in front of him. Those who are fighting, those who are trying to escape, those who are lying on the ground and unable to move. The scene was chaotic. So many people, who to save first and how to save? Out of the corner of her eye, she saw an alien pounce on a child while she was confused. Before the brain could react, the body reacted, pulled out the gun and rushed out. Chapter 155 A Zhai rushed to save the child with an arrow, and the foreign body exploded under her gun, spilling the stump all over the floor. This is just an ordinary five-level alien species. A house just used the complete power of A-level weapons directly in A hurry. Space simulation technology is how realistic a house in the preliminary competition when the experience, it is a kind of clearly know it is false, but still can not help but enter the situation of the sense of verisimilitude. Stepping on the blood foam on the ground, Ah Zhai wanted to find a safe place to put the child down. But all around is chaos, no building is complete, there are desperate people everywhere, do not know where will come out of the alien species, where is the so-called "safe" place? A house has always been in their own professional disadvantage, but at this time encountered a huge problem, she can not help but think, if only there is a rescue department at this time to tell her how to do. During the period of thinking, a few more alien species pounced on innocent people, and a house had to rush around to put out the fire. In the past, she might think, isn't it a rescue? What's wrong with a rescue mission? She's not the only one. I'm afraid the other three departments in the college think so. They think the rescue department is no big deal. But when the disaster really appeared in front of people, a house finally realized what is called the art industry has specialized. The scene in front of her was really not something she could solve by a single soldier. Surrounding burst. The situation is frequent,Kava Root Extract, a house is exhausted, God did not give her extra time to think, in just ten minutes a house killed no less than a hundred alien species. This is not going to work. It's only going to get worse. Think about what the rules say. You need to direct the team members to take corresponding rescue measures and rescue them within the prescribed time. Command the team Command the team! Team members? Where did her team members go? She didn't see anyone else when she came in just now. There are only people in need of rescue here. There are no rescue team members at all.


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