Ravaged, you are also reborn.

Wu Zhen raised her paws, and the shining tips of her paws came out of the pads. Hu Zhu stiffened and pressed her chest. She quickly

Ravaged said this, fell into silence, what to say next? While Ye Changfeng was meditating, he hurriedly peeked at the cheat sheet in the palm of his hand and saw the four words "well-matched". Then he opened the conversation box and continued: "If you are worried about the problem of being well-matched, you can rest assured that you will get back the position of Guogongye sooner or later. As the eldest daughter of Guogongfu, Mengmeng's identity is not much worse." Ravaged by the seven rooms of the Guogongfu, Liu Ruo is the mother of the town Guogongfu analysis of the situation again. Zhu Rong said that his mouth was dry. He took up a cup of tea on the table and drank it down. Then he continued, "Uncle Ye, we are all for the good of Mengmeng.". As the saying goes, put yourself in others' shoes. You and your aunt are also experienced people. "All right!" Ye Changfeng finally could not bear it. He pressed his temples with both hands. He had a headache when he heard it. He glanced out of the window. It was dark outside. Ravaged hurriedly choked sound, a face of piety, as if there are many words not finished, but in the heart is in the abdomen, this leaf long wind is really good patience, can actually listen to him for so long! He had never said anything to Mengmeng for so long! Ye Changfeng sighed heavily, "If you really want to marry my daughter, you must promise me a few conditions." "Go ahead, uncle." Ravaged hurriedly, this leaf long wind finally let go, if he does not let go, he can not have so many words to talk to him until dawn. Ye Changfeng opened his mouth and said, "Confess to Meng Meng before marriage and let her know who she is marrying." Ravaged by not to speak, tell Mengmeng before marriage, he can marry Mengmeng? Zhu Rong lowered his head and suddenly saw the word "three yuan" written in the palm of his hand. He continued, "Uncle, I know you promised Monk Song a marriage on the condition that you won three yuan in a row. In this life, I could have tampered with the imperial examination, but I didn't. This is Qingshi's analysis-let Ye Changfeng realize that Ye is a gentleman's magnanimous figure. Ravaged by such a paragraph of words, Ye Changfeng heard inexplicably. "When Ravaged Rong finished, he felt it was wrong." Uncle,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, "he said hurriedly," please make the second condition. " Ye Changfeng thought he had agreed to the first condition, so he continued, "Second, you can't monitor her.". All of them in purple and blue, either let them go, or let them never report anything about her to you again. He didn't want her daughter to live under his watch. What protection? But it sounds good. Ravaged by thought for a moment, then made a decision, "uncle, I can let purple they all take orders from Mengmeng, no longer ordered by me.". In the future, there will be only one master in the whole Honeysuckle House. If I trespass, they will still be killed without mercy. "The whole Ye Mansion." Ye Changfeng opened his mouth. Ravaged by can't help but hesitate, but he arranged nearly half of the dark guard guard Ye Fu, this is not he is reluctant to part with, Thyroid Powder Factory ,Quillaja Saponin, but he is worried that if Ye Changfeng let them unite against him, I'm afraid these people will make a lose-lose with them. I know you have arranged a lot of people in your house. I don't need them. I will go to Renya to buy some servants and maids. I only ask that all the people in my house are my people, not other people's spies. "No need," ravaged by decisive way, "I will tell Liang An, later let them all take orders from uncle." Ye Changfeng was surprised, but Zhu Rong was generous. There were more than eighty people in the mansion. Uncle Fu said that even the boys who swept the house were very skillful. It's just that the people in the Honeysuckle House are still obedient to Mengmeng. Ravaged way, he has to leave some leeway, in case after this leaf long wind will Mengmeng house arrest? Ye Changfeng knew that after this time, he had some reservations, but made it like this, as if he were selling his daughter. But if you don't let him bleed a little, how can he know that this marriage is not easy to come by, and to love his daughter well? Sometimes when parents marry their daughters, they put forward slightly higher conditions, not for profit, but to make it easier for them to take away their daughters who have been raised for more than ten years. They are afraid that he will be too easy to get, and then they will not cherish him so much. Third, no concubines. Ravaged by immediately nodded should be, this is also a condition? He never thought he would touch a woman other than Mengmeng. He promised so readily that Ye Changfeng felt that he was worried blindly. Think about it, where will Lord Rong touch others? His worries were unnecessary. Instead of worrying about his concubinage, he might as well worry about whether he would have sex with his daughter after marriage. If not the same room, even better! Don't spoil his daughter. If he divorces in the future, his daughter can remarry with innocence. Fourth, a piece of paper and a book. If Mengmeng goes back on his word in the future, he can divorce you. When Ye Changfeng offered this condition, he felt that it was difficult for him to impose it on others. Royal relatives and nobles, he is a prince, and his daughter is a concubine, so it is not so simple to divorce. Even if she could divorce, no one would dare to marry her daughter, just to win a free body for her daughter. Ravaged silent, "uncle, are there any other conditions?" "That's all for now." "Then, uncle, I can only agree to three of your four conditions." "You don't want to agree to the fourth one?" "The first, the first I can't do." Zhu Rong said honestly, "but I promise I will tell her within a month after marriage." Ye Changfeng is suffocating in the heart, when the daughter has eaten for him, can you still regret? "Uncle, as long as you are willing to extend this time, I promise you that I will take care of Song Huaiyuan in the future.". If he has the heart to govern, I will let him rise through the ranks. This is the biggest concession made by Ravaged. Ye Changfeng was silent. He was sorry for Song Huaiyuan. After the incident was exposed, what he was most worried about was not himself and his family, but Song Huaiyuan. He was worried that he would be retaliated by Lord Rong. It was unexpected that things had come to this point. In fact, on the second day after they came to propose marriage, he had already made an agreement with Song Huaiyuan. At that time, Meng Mingming had a heart for Song Huaiyuan and was frightened by Rong Wang Ye,Heme Iron Polypeptide, so when Song Huaiyuan came with the returned potted plants that day, he betrothed Meng to Song Huaiyuan in the teahouse. At that time, the only way was to ask the emperor to marry Song Huaiyuan after he passed the examination. pioneer-biotech.com


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