Heaven's plan to control hegemony

In the past, because they did not have their own body, they were very afraid of the dead demon, but even if the dead demon was strong, it was impossible to be stronger than the collection of tens of thousands of resentful spirits in spiritual essence. Now that the spirits have the body of

"The power of Taiyin is the source of the power of Yuehua. Generally, the way of cultivation will return to the source in the later period and pursue the original source.." Sha Jingtian doesn't care where the little disciple comes from. The moon girl inherits and adds the magic weapon of the moon system. Only took the magic weapon to probe one or two. After all, he is a master alchemist. After his original magic weapon reaches the seventh rank. He is half a great master, even if he dare not be called a great master in other departments. But on the fire line with the burning sun. His Taoism is at the peak of the master, and he is regarded as the peak master of Yanyang. Ten thousand ways return to the ancestral home. After a certain path has reached the highest position, learning other paths is actually like viewing the scenery from the top of the mountain, which is easier to learn. So. Sha Jingtian is in the same way as Shui Xing, which has some attributes of mutual restriction with Yan Yang. Also has a steady master level! The same. He also has the lowest master level of understanding and level of other systems besides the five elements, which is why he is called the closest master alchemist. If he hadn't concealed the current level of Yan Yang Ding. Others thought that his magic weapon of life was at the beginning of the seventh order, but almost no one thought that his magic weapon of life had reached the seventh order of perfection and could be turned into a Taoist instrument at any time. Of course. In the eyes of others,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, the seventh order is already a Taoist vessel. The magic weapon of the sixth order and the seventh order, in the less rigorous name of the magic weapon, there are still many people who call the magic weapon of the seventh order as a Taoist weapon, and the sixth order as a pseudo-Taoist weapon. The gap in this respect and the problem of appellation. Sha Jingtian helped his disciples sort it out during the previous chat. The main reason is that Yuexi has read a lot of classics, in which the past appellation and the present are entangled together,caustic calcined magnesite, and she is actually a little confused sometimes. Is there the power of Taiyin in the magic weapon? In fact, it is not necessary to solve the inheritance of Yuenu. This is Jiang Lingyue's opportunity and method. All they need is the power of Taiyin! Now the master and disciples to solve the current crisis of the void storm is to let the strange bag no longer continue to send out invisible power. No longer triggers the Void Storm. The power of heaven and earth! The power of the top source! The order of this power is primordial. That is to say, it belongs to the same rank as the power of Taiyin and the power of the sun. It is not something that can be suppressed by Master and Yan Yang Ding, who are only at the level of the sixth or seventh rank and only have the power of the next level of Yan Yang. Press Yuexi'to see 'in the future picture. Jiang Lingyue's way to solve the crisis by chance is to get the inheritance of Yuenu. Get a ray of Taiyin power. Then the power of Taiyin and the power of the sun condensed after the promotion of Yan Yang Ding will unseal or control the bag of Gan Kun, and let it successfully recognize the Lord.. Yuexi didn't want to use Jiang Lingyue's body to do all this. If possible! In particular. Now the subject probably can't find this position in the void in just half a month, which means that she can't transfer her consciousness to the body of the replicator Jiang Lingyue. Both the Star Skill and the Conscious Star are located in the Sea of Knowledge of the Subject. So! Even if she has the ability to replicate her body now. Basically, it is also impossible to transfer the conscious stars of the'entity 'stars located in the main body, Magnesium Oxide MgO ,Magnesium Sulphate producer, of course, it may be possible to use the method of taking away.. At this point, Yuexi is exclusive. She did not know that as a doppelganger, the core of her soul was a conscious star, and whether she still had the ability to take away the real soul. Unfortunately, it's just a magic weapon. If this kind of magic weapon is more.. Sha Jingtian has studied the prohibition of the moon wheel in his hand. After all, it is only a five-order magic weapon. He naturally has no difficulty in making a seven-order magic weapon. He's just a little sorry. If he is a practitioner of Yuehua Dao, a magic weapon may really be able to condense a wisp of magic power close to the power of Taiyin. It's a pity that he is from Yanyang Road. Even if the control of mana is exquisite, in condensation mana, compression and purification mana, because the conflict between the two channels generally takes dozens of times more to achieve the same goal, it is an amazing genius in control. What's the difference? Yuexi asked calmly. Sha Jingtian was very willing to satisfy the little disciple's curiosity and popularized the common sense of magic compression to her. “...... If it is the way of mutual promotion Even if you are not a practitioner of the same nature.. Sha Jingtian looked at the little disciple: "Just like your water attribute, if you have a higher level of spirit and secret skills, you may be able to purify a little with three or five or ten times the mana.." Yuexi's eyes are shining. This does not mean that thirty or fifty times the power of Yuehua purifies a little Taiyin power! Master explained with a smile: "To be a teacher is to say that this magic weapon, the power of Yuehua, is very strong. If it is purified by the practitioners of the way of Yuehua, the sixth-order strong will probably be able to purify a wisp of Taiyin-like power." "Water attribute six rank strong, if there are ten magic weapons equivalent to the power of the moon, it is also possible to purify a wisp.." Yuexi's fingers moved, stopped copying, and asked first: "Can't the strong of the fifth order be purified?" According to her experience, the fifth order star soul body purified the power of ice to the level of the sixth order law, and only copied enough power of ice at that time. She even had a vague feeling at that time. If there is more ice power, these natural pure energies have instinctive habits of condensation and purification.. If there is more ice energy gathering, 。 It is even possible to ascend to purity. Can't enough of Yuehua's power be changed qualitatively by quantification? Yuexi asked directly. Sha Jingtian now looks not anxious and fearless, but also has the heart to continue to explain to the disciples. Answer with a smile: "It's not that the fifth-order strong can't purify their mana,Magnesium Sulphate producer, but that the soul power of the fifth-order strong can't support them to achieve the last step of purification.." "In short, if you have time and leisure, you can set up a relevant array to try." 。 stargrace-magnesite.com


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