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She nodded and left to see her two children and Xiaofan. I wonder if she will stay overnight tonight to smell the fragrance of Xiaofan's body? Also do not know, Xiaofan will not let her succeed! Hey hey, that's the thing between men and women, the harder it is to get, the more

She nodded and left to see her two children and Xiaofan. I wonder if she will stay overnight tonight to smell the fragrance of Xiaofan's body? Also do not know, Xiaofan will not let her succeed! Hey hey, that's the thing between men and women, the harder it is to get, the more precious it is! Bless her and Xiaofan. When Jiang Rong came, there was a ray of joy on his face. I know that because of the death of Hua Xiaoyu, she can be reunited with Lin Lanyan. But she did not know that Hua Xiaoyu had committed the crime of sentencing the country, colluded with the two princes of the country, fornicated with the enemy, and sold the two children of General Jiang Lanming to the Luo Gate. In the law of the Wanhua Kingdom, the nine clans should be punished for the crime of judging the country! Lin Lan Yan is Hua Xiaoyu's husband, not only Lin Lan Yan, even the Minister of War, will be implicated, all to be beheaded! And of course, Hanako Sook! My mother has always said that there is no evidence to catch Hanako Sook's conviction twelve years ago. This time, Dongfang Xiu revealed in his speech that Hanako Sook had poisoned Jiang Rong's mother, Jiang Dongjie. With this alone, she can be punished for her conviction! Alas, Jiang Rong, your mother's blood feud will be avenged soon. However, you want to marry Lin Lan Yan, I have to test you, to see how sincere you are! Unexpectedly, I just mentioned the three words "Lin Lan Yan",jacuzzi suppliers, Jiang Rong was sobbing, incoherent, and did not speak on behalf of honorific. She knelt down and begged me to help them. It turned out that she and Lin Lanyan had known and fallen in love for a long time, but Lin Lanyan's uncle, Lin Jin, was the younger brother of Lin Yu, the Minister of War, and the princess of Hanako Shu. At that time, in order to regain the favor of Hua Zi Shu, he did not hesitate to use aphrodisiac to charm Lin Lan Yan,whirlpool bathtub, so that Lin Lan Yan lost his virginity to Hua Xiaoyu, so that Lin Yu had to marry Lin Lan Yan to Hua Xiaoyu. After marriage, Lin Lanyan was pregnant with Hua Xiaoyu's child, but because he hated Hua Xiaoyu, he aborted the child. In order to retaliate against Hua Xiaoyu, Lin Lanyan withdrew to the house of Lin Yu, Minister of War, and met with Jiang Rong in private. She was pregnant with her child. Yesterday, I don't know who told Hua Xiaoyu about Lin Lanyan's pregnancy. Hua Xiaoyu made a scene in Lin Fu, slapped Lin Lanyan five times, took him away, and returned to Jun Ye Fu to imprison him. Jiang Rong was ordered by me today to go to Feng Jun Ye Fu to rescue Lin Lan Yan who was locked up in the woodshed and was about to miscarry. Jiang Rong cried his heart out and fainted. Is I such an unintentional person, also sad in the heart, originally intended to test her, now where also need to test, if Lin Lan Yan has an accident again, I see Jiang Rong also can not live. I looked at Jiang Rong's yellowish face, outdoor whirlpool ,outdoor spa manufacturers, and I understood that her skin was not born, but caused by "green poison"! Hua Xiaoyu was hit by Biyun's "Bi Poison" and infected Lin Lanyan through the same room. Lin Lan Yan and Jiang Rong have an affair, Jiang Rong is naturally poisoned, although the toxicity is very low, only changed her skin color (Bi poison can only spread three generations and pass on to the fetus through the blood)! I picked her up and asked, "Is the baby in his belly all right?" Lin Lan Yan was poisoned, and the child in his stomach must also be infected with the toxin! Jiang Rong cried and twitched. "The doctor says it's hard to keep it.". He had already given birth once, and if he gave birth again this time, he would be sterile for life. But I won't abandon him. I have loved him for so many years, and I am still single. I'll marry him. As long as I can live with him, I will be satisfied. I comfort say: "Go, I go to save him now, save your child, nevertheless, I should save you first! I should save you first!" Hearing this, Jiang Rong hugged me excitedly, put his head on my shoulder and cried bitterly, "Your Royal Highness, thank you!"! Thank you! I am anxious to protect the fetus for Lin Lanyan. I have had more than a dozen abortions in my previous decades. When a woman is pregnant with a child, if she is in danger, she can bend down and lose the child. What's more, Lin Lan Yan was poisoned by the green poison, and was slapped five times by Hua Xiaoyu, which made her angry! I first gave Jiang Rong a green elixir to detoxify her, and then I told her to ride with me quickly. Qin and Sheng are also very worried about Lin Lanyan, all the way with us. Junyefu is in the north of Huadu. We rode for nearly an hour! When I saw Lin Lanyan, he was lying in bed, his face was pale and slightly green, his eyes were closed, and there was blood on his face that had been fanned. It was estimated that he had been screamed yesterday. Today, he heard that Hua Xiaoyu had died and was reunited with Jiang Rong. He was overjoyed and sad. He was weak and could not bear it for a while, so he fell into a coma. In this way, the baby in his belly is very dangerous, the oxygen is insufficient, and the fetus is easily suffocated. I didn't care to take a closer look at Lin Lanyan's appearance, so I first let Jiang Rong chew up a blue Wanhua elixir and feed it to him mouth to mouth, and then feel his pulse across the red line (in fact, as long as he has no desire for me, the miracle of Wanhua on my body will not burn him to death, but he is Jiang Rong's lover, of course I have to avoid it.) Look at his eyelids again. It's dangerous. If I had come an hour later, not only would the fetus be dead, but he would also be in danger. I told the three men to step aside. I want to use the magic power of the miracle of ten thousand flowers on my head to input my magic power for Lin Lanyan. The elixir of ten thousand flowers is only to save his life and the life of the fetus. But if it is not convenient for the fetus to be born and become deformed, I must now use the spirit of a thousand flowers to input Reiki and Dharma Qi into the fetus in his abdomen! If I do this, I will lose all my Dharma Qi. I hope Dongfang Xiu won't ambush me on my way back to the Prince's Mansion! According to the big master report, in the past few days, the master who rushed to the country appeared more frequently in the northern suburbs near here. My luck should not be so bad! I gathered all my magic power on the miracle of thousands of flowers on my forehead, shooting out purple light, covering Lin Lanyan's whole body, and I conjured up hundreds of flowers, which fell on him and were sucked into his body. After a stick of incense, I collapsed and ran out of magic power. The hundred flowers all went into Lin Lanyan's body. When Lin Lan Yan opened his eyes, he had a ruddy complexion and a very good complexion. He was sixteen or seventeen years old. He had a round face, big clear eyes, curved eyelashes, and was beautiful and moving. He smiled at me to express his gratitude. He should be the kind of man who is beautiful and charming. I felt his pulse through the silk scarf and felt that the heartbeat of the fetus was strong and his pulse was peaceful. I felt relieved and said,indoor endless pool, "Jiang Rong, I have saved the lives of your husband and child from the jaws of death.". Come and see them quickly. As soon as I finished speaking, I felt weak in my legs and dizzy in my head. monalisa.com

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