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She nodded and left to see her two children and Xiaofan. I wonder if she will stay overnight tonight to smell the fragrance of Xiaofan's body? Also do not know, Xiaofan will not let her succeed! Hey hey, that's the thing between men and women, the harder it is to get, the more

"It's because I'm stupid that I can't make delicious food for you to taste. I feel so sorry for you, Zuyong." She has a flat mouth. As soon as Ren Zuyong's eyebrows flashed, he found yuan Yunya on the second floor. He frowned and answered, "I just want you to be by my side. I don't care so much about the rest." As soon as he exerted himself, he took Wen Qi into his arms and deliberately hugged her. He had always felt that Wenqi's friend had a strange attitude towards him. There are many women who have let him off, but if you want to say that yuan Yunya is interested in him, but that kind of performance is not an invitation to him, plus she and Wenqi are very good handkerchiefs, it is impossible to have special feelings for him. Perhaps she was quietly observing for Wenqi whether he passed the exam and whether he would be kind to her good friend! Wen Qi was held in Ren Zuyong's bosom and almost immediately blushed. She put her hands flat on Ren Zuyong's chest and asked in a low voice, "Zuyong, what's wrong with you?"? There are a lot of people coming in and out here. How embarrassing it is to be seen! In fact, Ren Zuyong had never made such an intimate move to her outside, so she was shocked. However, the taste of being surrounded by his warm chest is quite good. Wen Qi raised her head and covered Ren Zuyong's lips with her soft and hot lips. Ren Zuyong was obviously stunned for a moment, and then accepted the kiss without refusing. He patted her on the head like a sister and said, "I'll go back first and go to bed early." He had never kissed Wen Qi on his own initiative, perhaps because he felt that there was no such emotion driving him! Wen Qi reluctantly looked at the back of his departure,jacuzzi manufacturers, did not find the second floor of yuan Yunya is also with the same eyes, watching the tall and straight figure. Until Ren Zuyong disappeared in the line of sight, yuan Yunya sighed gently, and then suddenly found that Wen Qi was no longer in place, afraid to come upstairs. yuan Yunya hurriedly ran back to the room, locked the door,whirlpool hot tub spa, and pretended that she had never been out of the door. Knock-knock- "After the knock on the door came the voice of Wen Qi's excitement." Yunya, open the door quickly. I have something to ask you. Hurry up! The apartment they lived in belonged to a friend of yuan's father, so there were only two of them on this floor. Otherwise, with Wen Qi's loud voice, they would have attracted many complaints. yuan Yunya opened the door with an expressionless face and yawned pretending to want to sleep. Because she is not in good health, so life is very regular. Wen Qi, who knows her very well, used to make a fuss and urge her to go to bed as soon as she yawned, but not today. Wen Qi pulled her into the living room and sat down. Then she grabbed her hand and shook it violently. "How's it going?" She asked? Yunya, what do you think of Zu Yong? I think he is very good to me, so good that I really love him! What do you think? She is so direct and unpretentious. yuan Yunya quietly broke away from Wen Qi's hand, inexplicably unwilling to contact with Wen Qi, jacuzzi bath spa ,whirlpool hot tub, lowered her head and dared not look at her. Him? Uh In terms of appearance, it's really the most perfect one I've ever seen. Although it looks a little arrogant, it's good for you. The picture of Ren Zuyong kissing Wen Qi just appeared in her mind, which made her unconsciously look at Wen Qi's lips, which seemed to be a little swollen by the kiss, and she could hardly restrain the jealousy in her heart. Not noticing yuan Yunya's strangeness, Wen Qi shouted happily, "Really?"? Really? Yunya, do you know? That day I couldn't believe that rude man would look like this, and I thought I was myopic, because I didn't see his face clearly the day I bumped into him in the restaurant. I was so scared! Then To tell you the truth, I took the initiative to chase him! yuan Yunya tried to pretend to be calm, but in fact, her heart had already been drowned by a sour feeling. That's good! You have courage! She said insincerely. Yun Ya, if you were me, would you like Zu Yong? For a moment, yuan Yunya was frightened by this sharp question! She opened her beautiful eyes. Staring at Wen Qi's face with a happy smile. Did Wen Qi see something? "What's the matter?"? Is there something growing on my face? Wen Qi touched her face without knowing why and asked in puzzlement. Why do you look at me like that? Yunya, you are strange today! "Huh?"? Oh, didn't you ask me if I would like him? Fortunately, Wen Qi didn't find it! yuan Yunya pretended to think. Basically, I don't like cold men like Mr. Ren so much. I like sunny boys. She didn't think that! However, she said something against her will. Ren Zuyong's strong attraction to her turned her into a jealous woman, and even in the face of Wen Qi, a bosom friend, she involuntarily put on a mask of hypocrisy. This is very sorry, Wen Qi is right, but once people meet love, who can keep calm and self-restraint? All the abnormal actions seemed to be taken for granted. Don't you think Zu Yong is good? Why do you say you don't like Zu Yong's type? She just wants her boyfriend to get the affirmation of Yunya! yuan Yunya got up uncomfortably and went to the kitchen to pour water, avoiding Wen Qi's eager eyes. How could I like him? He's your boyfriend. Do you want me to like him, too, and then we'll fight to death? That's the last thing she wants to imagine! "That's right!" Wen Qi gave a silly smile and did not see yuan Yunya step out of the kitchen for a long time. She looked around in boredom and yawned. All right, I'm going to bed. Then he went back to his room. All kinds of contradictory thoughts torment yuan Yunya's fragile heart. She frowned, pressed her painful chest with one hand, took out the medicine she carried with her and swallowed it. After a while, the out-of-order heartbeat gradually calmed down. Her heart kept telling herself that Wen Qi was always protecting her, and she must not have the idea of fighting for Ren Zuyong, which would ruin her relationship with Wen Qi. What's more, Ren Zuyong's heart and eyes, also only Wen Qi,hot tub manufacturers, if she wants to occupy beyond her ability, afraid also just ask for embarrassment? Give up your heart! You always meet a man of your own, don't you? Why do you have to fight for me? Her friendship with Wenqi was so rare that she should not have broken it.

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