Cute Mouse's Diary After Marriage

Liu Wu still stood there and did not go. Yao Xiaotao did not hesitate to choose to revive in situ. As soon as she got up and turned to see the gloomy face shrouded by the night, she was stabbed to death on the ground. Does this count as guarding the corpse? Lying on the ground, Yao Xiaotao

From the dining room to the sunshine room, Su Wu found that all the spiritual plants he had planted had been restored, and a few of the orchids were still emitting a trace of spirit! This makes the air in the sun room seem to be sweeter than other places, and staying in the sun room makes people feel very comfortable! Su Wu turned to the sofa to check the common flower seeds he planted. He didn't know if it was because the sunshine room was full of spirit. Those flower seeds germinated quickly and grew very fast. In just two or three days, they flourished. It was estimated that they would blossom soon. That's great. Su Wu turned around contentedly with his hands behind his back, feeling much more comfortable in his stomach, and in his heart he was planning how to distribute the fruit and food that these spiritual plants would grow in the future. By the way, the fruit I found for my second brother hasn't been sent to him yet. Su Wu ran back to the room and rummaged through what was left in the bundle, and finally turned out a few red fruits from it. All the spiritual plants in his bundle had been transplanted outside, but there were still many fruits, chestnuts and other things that he had found in the mountains before, which he put on rows of shelves, and it was very convenient to find them. Yan Feiying is just an ordinary person, Su Wu here can give him to eat, but also to help him raise his body and stomach is not much, Su Wu hesitated for a few days, and finally chose one. There is a spirit in these fruits. Ordinary people can also eat the fruit with Reiki, but if ordinary people eat too much Reiki at one time, the fragile body will not be able to bear it. Eat the baby like a little black cat, that baby not only let it Lingtai Pure Brightness, but also to a certain extent transformed its body,10g Ozone Generator, which made it from a kitten who did not know anything to a goblin with human consciousness, but this transformation of the body, accompanied by great pain and suffering, although it never said it. But Su Wu had seen one of his animal friends step into spiritual practice in this way, so he knew it very well. There should be no problem with this. Su Wu did not have more experience to help him make a judgment, Yan Erge was so good to him, of course, he did not want him to suffer because of this,ceramic bobbin heater, or encounter any other things, so he could only try a little bit first, maybe after he caught the law, he could give Fei Ang to eat later! "Fei Ang, let's go home tonight." Su Wu ran out of the room with the fruit and said to Yan Feiang. What's the matter? Yan Feiang was washing dishes in the kitchen in an apron, his hands full of foam, and he looked at him sideways. Yes, I found a gift for my second brother. Let's send it back to him. Su Wu said with a smile. Glancing at the fruit in his hand, he nodded and said, "Good." When they returned to Yan's house, it was already very late, but when they returned home, they felt that something was wrong with the atmosphere at home. Yan Feiang frowned and asked, "Mom, what's wrong?" "It's not your brother. Oh, ceramic welding tape ,Ceramic Band Heater, he drank too much and went to the hospital." Kang Wenqing, who had not yet slept, sighed. What's wrong Yan Feiang's face became grave. Yan Feiying now whether it is his own ability, or background status, if he does not want to drink, of course, no one can force him, but in this world, no one is absolutely no opponent, Yan family has, Yan Feiying on the enemy, of course, some things can not be inferred by common sense. It's no big deal. I asked your brother's assistant. It's the boy of the Xie family. They didn't know what was going on. They had a good drink. The Eagle's stomach was not very good. After drinking, he went directly to the hospital. Kang Wenqing originally wanted to go to the hospital, but Yan Feiying did not let, but let Yan Yunhai go, may be business, so her mood is even worse. Let's go and see the second brother. I just brought something for him to eat. Su Wu did not understand these things, but when he heard that Yan Erge was in the hospital, he was very worried. Go. Come back early. It's late. Kang Wenqing touched his head. When they got to the yard, they suddenly heard a cat's meow. Su Wu turned his head and saw the little black cat squatting in the yard. Are you coming with us? Su Wu crouched down and whispered to it, "the second brother is ill." "Take me there." The little black cat jumped on his shoulder. Su Wu touched it and followed Yan Feiang into the car. The hospital was not far from Yan's home, and they soon reached the place. Yan Feiying lived in a single ward, which was not allowed to visit him again so late. Su Wu was worried about Yan's second brother, so he secretly gave them a little magic of invisibility, and they secretly went upstairs to the ward. Yan Feiying and Yan Yunhai did not rest in the ward, and they were surprised to see them. What are you doing here? "Second Brother, I've come to give you something. You should be all right after eating this." Su Wu entered the ward and hurriedly took out the fruit. Yan Feiying knew that he had a lot of good things and did not postpone them. "Thank you, Xiao Wu," he said with a smile. Su Wu took the fruit to wash it, put it on a plate and cut it into several pieces. He blinked his eyes and told him, "You can't eat too much of this fruit at a time. Try a little first." "Good." Yan Feiying nodded and, according to his meaning, pinched a small piece and put it in his mouth. Originally, the fruit did not have much aura, and when the small piece was put into his mouth, the aura contained in it would not make his body unable to bear it. The fruit, like melted rock candy, slid down his throat and into his stomach. Yan Feiying slightly squinted, the original uncomfortable stomach suddenly felt a lot better, the little guy gave him something is really a panacea. Thank you, Xiao Wu, this is very useful. Yan Feiying sincerely thanked him. You're welcome, second brother, and thank you for the membership card he sent us. Su Wu smiled sweetly and ordered, "You can eat one piece of these fruits five times a day until you eat them all, and then your stomach will not be uncomfortable any more, and the fruits will not go bad or deteriorate in a short time." "Good." Time is very late,ceramic igniter electrodes, they did not stay in the ward for long, soon left, Yan Yunhai also went with them.

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